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We are a rapidly expanding family of specialized treatment facilities. As such, we are looking for friendly, and like-minded individuals to help us heal our communities. Our facilities are top-tier when it comes to assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of addictions, mental disorders, and behavioral disorders. We are looking for compassionate characters with a passion and dedication to helping the recovery of others.

Our Valuable Associates

We value all of employees, and recognize that they are vital to our success. Thus, for the best placement we give an overview of each category.


Our finance team is responsible for analyzing opportunities to reduce costs. They are also tasked with the responsibility handling internal and external audits, reverse wire, intercompany fund transfer for payroll, wire transfer, stop payment, and maintaining relationship with banks.


Our counselors utilize their abilities to assess, evaluate, diagnose, and treat many conditions. They are also responsible for helping determine what therapeutic methods to utilize, as well as their recommendations for medication.

Media and Marketing

Our media and marketing associate handle all communications communications outside of our company, as well as all internal pamphlets, memos, and invitations. Other tasks they handle include: network marketing, public relations, marketing, managing marketing materials and supplies, coordinate events, create invitations, publish flyers, respond to media requests, media coverage, pitch- letters, and creating letters to the editor.

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN)

We utilize nurses to help provide the best patient care to those in detoxification (detox). The nurses help promote and calm and safe environment making it the most comforting and supportive environment possible, in order to make the detox process easier on the individuals. They also reassure that the individual in the detox program are following their orders as given by their doctors. Nurses help to educate each individual on their condition, to better the individual’s understanding, and give the individual the opportunity to grow.


The keepers of the facilities. Our friendly housekeeping staff is expected to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout the inside and out of each facility. They are tasked with sweeping, mopping, changing sheets, removing trash, and making sure walkways are clear of all obstructions.

Our Blogs and Articles

The latest stories and current news going on in the world today will be featured here. Sprout Health California is on a mission to help those who are suffering from substance abuse and/or drug addiction so that once entering treatment can transition to the road of recovery. Featuring articles and true tale stories of success and hardships from Alumni Support, their family members, and staff members who have experienced every step of the process. Read on to find out – how you can start your path or loved one to sobriety.

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