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Co-Dependency Treatment Program

At Sprout Health California, we treat codependency as we would any other disorder.

codependencyA person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is likely dealing with a wide range of issues. While they may not reach their tipping point over night, it may be that relatives or friends are heavily relied on to keep to keep them afloat. Originally thought of as a good trait, codependency can be harmful to both the addicted person and their caregiver.

Codependency can become a problem if the care is beginning to negatively affect the life of the caregiver. It starts out as the caregiver being the only one the addicted person can trust. This, in turn, fuels the caregiver’s psyche, giving them a reason to care for that person in every way possible. Often, the caregiver can forget their own needs, and they see themselves as the only hope for the addicted person. This is wrong, and could never be further from the truth.

Defining Codependency

It is best defined as a psychological condition where a person cares for another at risk of overlooking their own psychological or emotional needs. The caregiver, thus, defines his or her own sense of self-worth. The other person in the relationship usually has a substance abuse or mental health issue. They are the ones who rule the relationship. It usually ends being the case that a codependent person values the relationship more than they value their own self.

Be on the Lookout for the Following Symptoms of Codependency

  • Low or a complete lack of self-esteem
  • Self-assurance that they can fix someone
  • An overriding feeling of responsibility toward another individual
  • A fear of being along, and having a need to be in a relationship

The cause for codependency can go as far back as childhood and being part of a dysfunctional family. Or, they grew up taking care of a chronically ill parent or relative. Children who were abandoned or abused may develop these symptoms later on in life.

Treating Codependency

One of the tools we use to treat codependency is psychotherapy. It allows a person to look within and realize their own destructive behavior patterns. Overtime, the individual learns to love themselves and to put their needs first. Sometimes the first, most important step, is removing them from the codependent relationship. While there are support groups dedicated to helping codependent people, there are few, actual support centers.

This is where we can help you. We are a mental health treatment center with a dedicated staff and an effective program to help you break the bonds that keep you codependent. We can impart the knowledge and the tools to set you free. Call today at and schedule an appointment with us.

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