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Family Program

At Sprout Health California, we hold a firm belief that families play a significant role in helping loved ones enter and leave rehab successfully.

Substance abuse and mental health problems can devastate entire families. Of course, it fares no better for the afflicted individual who has to endure the experience. There is enough evidence to suggest that an individual’s support system can help speed, or impeded, a person’s recovery. This is why we place so much additional attention on helping the family unit understand addiction, and what they can do to contribute to their loved one’s wellness. You can look at it as your mission to help your loved one avoid relapse.

Your Role Explained

The reality is that family ties may have been broken, even strained, during a person’s addiction period. For that person to recover, family ties need to be strengthened, not weakened or shattered further. This is where our experience and knowledge can be a tremendous help to you and your entire family. We can help you to better understand the why’s and how’s of addictive behaviors. Then, you and friends can begin providing the fuel that drives your loved one to successfully accomplish their treatment goals.

How Psychoeducation Can Benefit You

Not everyone is equipped to deal with a person’s addictive behaviors and patterns. Sometimes, relationships can be strained past the point of what seems like “no return.” We can help you grow to a point where you know how to properly manage communicating or confronting your loved one when issues present themselves. With the consent of our clients, we encourage families to fully participate in our psychoeducation programs. This program is where you can acquire the competencies you need to cope and offer needed support. You will become knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Understanding family dynamics
  • Establishing and maintaining appropriate family boundaries
  • Becoming an enabler and co-dependent
  • Managing addictions and spot elements that trigger mental illness
  • Planning for continuum care
  • Alumni services availability
  • And so much more that Sprout Health California is here to help

We know how challenging the entire process can be. As such, we also provide family therapy on how to improve relationships. A major area of focus is how to express your thoughts and feelings in a non-hostile and non-threatening manner. We will provide comprehensive feedback on how the family can develop coping mechanisms as they work through their intense feelings and emotions.

Clients and their families will have access to all the resources needed to ensure successful treatment and recovery. Call today to learn more about addiction treatment in California, and our client and family treatment/counseling programs. Alcohol and drug rehab works.

Sprout Health California firmly believes that the family plays a very important role in the successful recovery of clients from substance use disorders, mental health conditions, or even co-occurring conditions.

Family Program

Studies continue to show that the extensiveness of an individual’s support system can spell the difference between successfully hurdling the major obstacles to addiction treatment and recovery and failing miserably and going into relapse, forever perpetuating the vicious cycle of on-off addiction and mental illness.

The Role of the Family in Treatment Programs

FamilySupportFamily ties need to be strengthened, not shattered. Sprout Health California firmly believes that there is no better support system than an individual’s own family and friends. With their untiring support in the individual’s treatment and recovery efforts, families and friends can do so much in increasing the level of motivation of the individual to make good in his treatment program. Families and friends provide the fuel that drives the individual to become successful in the accomplishment of his treatment goals. His family and friends are where he draws his energy from.

The support of families and friends will continue long after the client has completed his treatment program. This is necessary in order to prevent relapses and maintain and emotionally supportive environment for the individual. This helps him reinforce the adaptive thoughts and behaviors he has learned in his treatment program. A strongly supportive family and social network is critical to the individual’s lifelong recovery.

Strengthening the Family through Psychoeducation

Sprout Health California, nonetheless, recognizes the fact that not all families understand what it takes to support their loved ones undergoing treatment. They need to be equipped with the right competencies to help them help their loved ones. This is where Sprout’s Family Program comes in. Sprout helps families understand the different issues confronting their loved ones including the best ways to manage these issues. We strongly encourage families, with the consent of clients, to participate in psychoeducation programs where they can get to learn about any or all of the following:

  • Individual roles of family members;
  • Different family dynamics;
  • How to establish appropriate family boundaries;
  • How to become an enabler and being co-dependent;
  • How to manage symptoms and addiction or mental illness triggers;
  • How to plan for the continuity of care; and
  • Available alumni services

Helping the Family through Therapy

Even these may not be enough to help the client’s family care better for their loved one. As such, Sprout Health California also provides Family Therapy which counsels the family on how to improve their relationships a lot better including improved communication and the ability to resolve conflicts between and among family members. Family Therapy is an invaluable program for families of individuals who are being treated for addictions, mental illness, or co-occurring conditions as they get to express their thoughts and feelings in a non-hostile and non-threatening venue. Our resident Family Psychologist can provide helpful feedback on how the family can develop better and more adaptive coping mechanisms as they go through their intense feelings.

Helping the Client and His Family

Sprout Health California also recognizes the importance of having the client meet his family during his treatment. Our monthly 2-day Intensive Family Program allows clients and their respective families to get together and strengthen or heal the bonds of the family through workshops, education, support groups, and therapeutic modalities designed for the individual, the group, and the whole family. During the Intensive Family Program, everyone gets to learn everything they can about substance use disorders, mental health issues, and co-occurring conditions including how these conditions affect the family as a whole. The Intensive Family Program aims to provide clients and their families with all the resources they will ever need to help ensure successful treatment and recovery.

Family Support Beyond Treatment

Sprout Health California provides clients and their loved ones all the support they will ever need even after completion of the treatment program. Our Family Alumni Services help make sure that families will always have someone to turn to in the event that they are having difficulties coping with the post-treatment life of their loved ones. Our Alumni Services are composed of social support groups, events, activities, and workshops that are all designed to help individuals and the families maintain strong and healthy family ties. This is essential in ensuring optimum recovery for individuals.

Sprout Health California believes in the value of the family in the addiction recovery and mental and emotional healing of the individual. With our Family Programs, we can help families help their loved ones a lot better and more effectively.

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