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Family Welcome Packet

Your family welcome packet and your role in helping loved ones recover.

Family SupportYour decision to get better is the first step toward recovery, and getting back to a normal life. The second step is to find the right treatment center, and to make a decision to enter rehab. Entering rehab is a big decision, because it means leaving home and entering a world where the stimulants and sedatives you depended on are no longer available. When you are in rehab, these things are taken away so that you begin your journey for recovery.

Even though rehab is what people need at this juncture in life, the fear of the unknown can be terrifying. An addict has gotten use to their life, and while it may be destructive, they still find a comfort zone in knowing what to expect. This is a challenge to the patient, their friends, and their family. The price to pay for addiction is that everyone is affected. Your family welcome packet is the map that can help your loved one make the decision to find help.

Your Family Welcome Packet

Within, you will find relevant and valuable information about the programs offered and what to expect throughout your treatment process. Read if thoroughly. Your recovery will also depend on the level of support that you receive from friends, relatives, and coworkers. At Sprout Health California, we will be with you every step of the way. As such, our mission is to remove any worry or concern—in short, remove the mystery about what we do and can offer by way of rehab treatments. Each patient of ours has a case manager who is dedicated to their recovery. That person will continually update family members about your progress. Of course, any updates are with your consent.

Packet Contents

  • Admissions for Intake Process
  • Treatment Program Overview
  • Sober living houses informations and details.
  • Treatment step by step informations.
  • Protocols and schedules.
  • Staff Meeting/Introduction
  • Family’s involvement and the family program information.
  • Other informations and resources.

Read through the packet before your loved one enters treatment with us. It will give you a solid overview of what to expect of the program. Within the packet you will also find important contacts and phone numbers. So keep your packet close at hand.

Why Family Support Is So Crucial

The patient will return home, and hopefully put to you what they have learned. We aim for 100% patient success. When they return, the family’s support will play an important role in their ability to remain sober and continue to heal. It can be a lengthy process, so it is important to help the patient in every way possible to reduce any risk of relapse.

At Sprout Health California, we offer both inpatient and outpatient programs that provide a variety of effective treatment methods. We customize our programs to each individual’s needs. Our family program is just as intensive. Call today at (866) 480-8711 to find out more about our programs and our track record of success. Ask about inpatient drug detox, and inpatient alcohol detox.

Family Welcome Packet

Sprout Health California has developed the Family Welcome Packet to contain valuable information about the different treatment programs that we offer. It generally contains the following:

  • Processes of admissions and intake;
  • Different treatment programs including dual diagnosis and the mental health phase of the treatment program;
  • Sober living communities including residence rules;
  • How the different treatment programs will proceed including the treatment timeline;
  • Existing rules, policies, and guidelines observed in our treatment facilities including consent forms, release of information, visiting policies, and credit cards, among others;
  • Sprout Health California dedicated personnel and staff;
  • Importance of family involvement in the treatment program;
  • Sprout Health California family program; and
  • Other resources, services, and logistics.

Using the Family Welcome Packet

Sprout Health California strongly encourages the family to read the Family Welcome Packet before their loved one is admitted or checks in at the treatment facility. This is to help everyone create a mindset as to what to expect as well as make the necessary preparations for their loved one’s entry into treatment and recovery life. As the Packet contains useful information including contact information with the treatment facility, families should keep the Packet in a place where it is easy to find.

Sprout Health California provides innovative and evidence-based therapeutic modalities to help ensure optimum results for the different substance use disorders and mental health issues of individuals.

Critical Family Support

Recovering from addiction or mental health illness, or both, requires a lifelong commitment. This is why family involvement and support is very important. The client must have all the support he can get in order to remain sober and free from addiction especially when he has already completed his treatment program. This is where family support comes in. They need to be able to support their loved one as he continues in his road to recovery. As long as the individual consents to his family’s involvement in his care, Sprout Health California will provide the family with all the correct tools and resources they will ever need to help the individual become more successful in his recovery.

Our intensive outpatient and residential inpatient programs allow for a variety of treatment options for individuals. Of particular importance is the support that we provide for families so that they, too will be able to care a lot better for their loved ones once the treatment program has been completed.

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