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Intervention Services

At Sprout Health California, our intervention programs work for both the substance abuser and their family.

interventionIntervention services are what alcohol and drug treatment centers are all about. Drug abuse substances can easily change the way people perceive things. Things that normal people regard as real, can appear totally different to someone who is addicted to drugs. They have symptoms, actual problems, but will always regard them as something that can be managed by drugs.

Furthermore, they may have progressed to a point where they cannot believe their problems are actually being caused by their drugs. The challenge for rehab, and loved ones, is to bring this person to a level where they realize the root of their problems is an addiction to their substance. When a person’s thoughts are altered, getting them to see the “light” can be quite difficult.

The Purpose of Intervention

At this juncture in a person’s addiction, their family has to step in and seek help for their loved one. Otherwise, the problem will continue and only get worse. At Sprout Health California, we provide the patient (with their permission) an intervention group composed of people like family, friends, or any person they can entrust with the knowledge of their treatment. Intervention is aimed at showing that person they are cared about, and loved.

No one wants to see them destroy their lives. Unfortunately, family members and friends are often worn down worrying over whether the addicted person will be able to clean up their life. Relationships are strained to the limit, and often broken. Both need help and counseling to understand the full ramifications of drug or alcohol abuse.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities

We think assisting families and individuals is the way to go. It is often too difficult for family members to intervene on their own. Emotions run high on both ends, and it can push the addicted person further away from getting help they need. The individual can become highly combative without the necessary skills to communicate properly. That person is damaging their health and putting a tremendous strain on their family.

Our intervention services allow us to arrange and facilitate discussions so that meeting proceed in a non-judgmental format. Our goal is to help an addicted individual realize that they have a chemical dependency that needs treatment, and managing.

Dual Diagnosis Program

One of the biggest benefits of our programs is that we can persuade and motivate individuals to accept and allow their treatment to work. Friends, family members, andothers can learn methods of communicating in a way that is not co-dependent or enabling. Our family intervention sessions accomplish the following.

  • Convinces the individual they have dependency that needs professional help.
  • Is carried out in relaxed and friendly environment. Loved ones assist and are there to help persuade the individual that he or she needs help.
  • Is done in a completely non-judgmental manner that helps the addict reach a level where they can accept that help is needed.
Call today to learn more about our programs and how families can help an addicted person get back on the track to normal living.

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