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Admissions Process

Sprout Health California will help you every step of the way.

Admission processThe decision to face your addiction and regain control over your life is a courageous one. Sprout Health California recognizes the effort it takes to begin the journey to sobriety and mental and emotional stability and therefore has made the admissions process as straightforward and convenient as possible. Whether you are contacting us for yourself or a loved one, our well-trained and caring Intake Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your questions and provide you with accurate information regarding the treatment options and programs available to you.

Additionally, a complimentary evaluation of your insurance coverage will be performed by one of our Intake Coordinators and set up a time for you to tour one of our treatment centers. During the tour our Intake Team will also provide you with additional information about our facilities, level of care, and treatment options to ensure you are making the best decision for you and your family.

Sprout Health California also accepts referrals from other organizations and medical professionals.

Our Intake Team collaborates and communicates closely with your referring doctor in order to gather the necessary information, such as medical history, needed to facilitate appropriate treatment. This also allows our team of clinical professionals to customize your treatment options without the inconvenience of redundant questions or paperwork.

On admission day, our staff will greet you and guide you through a thorough orientation that will ready you for life inside one of our treatment facilities. This includes simple policies and procedures our clients are expected to adhere to during their stay with us. Once orientation is complete, you will be given a psychological and medical evaluation that includes laboratory testing. All of which will aid in determining your primary condition, along with any physical or mental co-occurring conditions. This is essential for further customizing the treatment program you chose during the pre-admissions process aligns with the results of your medical and psychological assessments. At Sprout Health California we pride ourselves on these extensive methods in order to best serve your specific needs and goals required for successful sobriety and mental wellness.

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The latest stories and current news going on in the world today will be featured here. Sprout Health California is on a mission to help those who are suffering from substance abuse and/or drug addiction so that once entering treatment can transition to the road of recovery. Featuring articles and true tale stories of success and hardships from Alumni Support, their family members, and staff members who have experienced every step of the process. Read on to find out – how you can start your path or loved one to sobriety.

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