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Court Services

Spout Health California strives to provide high quality rehabilitation services while supporting the United States Judicial system when necessary.

Court ServicesSubstance use and addiction is always accompanied by a legal component. The Good Samaritan Law is recognized in many states, including California, and waives certain legal consequences who willingly attend treatment for their substance abuse or addiction. Additionally, individual’s substance abuse or mental state can used as a defensive strategy in some cases and mental health records can lend to patterns of behavior that can help reduce the severity of charges the individual might face. However, it can still be worrisome to admit one’s drug use or addiction, especially when there may be legal ramifications involved. Sprout Health California is conscious of the relationship between the two and strives to provide the individual with the treatment they need while adhering to the complexity of these situations.

The Legal-Mental Health-Substance Abuse Axis

Commonly, if an individual who has a particular substance addiction or been diagnosed with a mental illness and faces misdemeanor or felony charges, it would be in their best interest to attend addiction or psychological treatment while awaiting sentencing or trial. This can only be a benefit to the individual and in some cases, judgement may include court-ordered therapy or treatment as part of the defendant’s punishment. This is especially true for those charged with crimes associated with drugs or alcohol, or when mental health conditions are present.

Why Proactively Seeking Treatment is Better

Some individuals who engage in risky or illegal behaviors are deterred once they experience a run-in with the law. The risk of legal consequences is enough of a wake-up call for them to realize the behavior cannot continue and to seek help before any more damage is done. However, for many others, it is not and continue with behaviors that can be accompanied by legal consequences. These can include crimes of a low-level crimes or those that result in substantial damage to property or loss of life. Faced with the knowledge and ramifications of their crimes, the individual can spiral downward perpetuating the substance abuse, anxiety, or mental illness.

Therefore, when faced with a criminal charge it is important to pursue professional help. Consulting with your defense attorney would be beneficial before taking any steps, as entering a treatment program could be portrayed in many ways. Generally though, seeking treatment to combat your addiction or ailments is looked upon as mature and a sign you are serious about holding yourself accountable for your actions.

This might lead to a reduced sentence or some other concession. For instance, you may be ordered by the court to attend a treatment program. By being proactive about getting help without being court ordered to do so showcases responsibility and can work in your favor.

What Sprout Health California Can Do to Help

The services provided by Sprout Health California can aid in this process. We provide evidence-based treatment for mental illness and substance addiction catered to the individual, regardless of whether treatment is voluntary or court-ordered. For those who have legal issues to address, such as criminal or civil matters, we provide the needed documentation or assessments many courts require. For instance, in civil matters such as divorce and child custody, Sprout Health California can provide a complete psychiatric evaluation for the parent in question.

When records are required for criminal cases, we can provide the courts with mandatory psychiatric mental health assessments, drug testing, and client progress notes. To that end, all of Sprout Health California’s treatment clinicians are literate in court-ordered cases and legal requirements.

We are a principal provider of extensive evidence-based addiction treatment programs, mental health services, and individualized dual diagnosis management. Whether you have opted to engage in treatment voluntarily or have been court-ordered, our dedication to your sobriety and recovery is unwavering.

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