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Sprout Health California understands that financing a recovery can sometimes be confusing, difficult and often times overwhelming.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers are required to provide coverage for behavioral treatments and other related services, including some coverage for detoxification treatments; however, there are some health care providers that only cover the basics and that is where we come in.

When you call our facility, you will talk to a highly trained intake coordinator that will ask you a series of questions. The most important being what type of insurance you have. Our intake coordinators will conduct an analysis of your insurance plans, advise you about your coverage and let you know about any out-of-pocket expenses. They will also search for federally-funded sources or charitable organizations that may be able to provide additional help.

We accept most health care insurance plans in order to ensure each client receives the best recovery care possible. Our admissions staff is well trained and ready to answer any questions or concerns a potential patient may have. We will guide you through all the financial aspects during the admissions process. Our facility performs a complimentary analysis of your insurance plan in order to advise you accordingly. This includes any co-pays or out of pocket expenses that you might incur.

For those who do not have insurance, our intake coordinators can recommend treatment programs that work with financial aid, rehabilitation loan services, federally-funded programs or charitable organizations. Some programs may be available for free or offered at a reduced cost in order to help those who do not have insurance.

We understand that treatment is not cheap but take into consideration the amount of money it will take for your non-stop doctor and hospital visits due to your deteriorating health. Treatment, if done correctly, is a one-time payment with positive effects that will last a lifetime.

We know that making the decision to begin treatment is stressful enough and we want to help ease the burden of figuring out how to fund your treatment. Your treatment is just as important to us as it is to you because we know what happens when mental disorders are left untreated.

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The latest stories and current news going on in the world today will be featured here. Sprout Health California is on a mission to help those who are suffering from substance abuse and/or drug addiction so that once entering treatment can transition to the road of recovery. Featuring articles and true tale stories of success and hardships from Alumni Support, their family members, and staff members who have experienced every step of the process. Read on to find out – how you can start your path or loved one to sobriety.

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