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How Alcohol Treatment Centers Help Families Stay Together

October 24, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

The effects of alcohol addiction on the family

Families Stay TogetherAlcohol addiction does not only affect the addict, but it has the power to destroy every aspect of life; if left untreated, people will lose jobs, teeth, family and eventually the will to live. It is beyond important to seek alcohol addiction treatment in order to take control of life and live free from the power of addictive behaviors. It is also important to know how alcohol treatment centers can help families stay together.

In 2015, it was reported that over 265,000 children are in the foster care system and approximately 80 percent of those children were removed from a home where they lived with substance addicted parents. By 2016, the Sacramento County Courthouse in California introduced a program designed to help parents, who are suffering from substance addiction, complete rehab treatment at a facility before their children are reported to Child Protective Services. The Early Intervention Family Drug Court (EIFDC) program gives parents the opportunity to receive treatment, become sober, take control of their lives and take back their children.

If the parents are able to complete the program, the chances of them keeping their children are significantly increased. Sadly, only one out of five parents successfully complete treatment. For those who do not complete treatment, they are sent to a formal family drug court during which their children will be taken away and all rights of being a parent at that moment are stripped.

In an article published on, contributing writer for Kaiser Health News, Jenny Gold says, “Usually, Sacramento County has a three-month wait for people who need substance abuse treatment. But by volunteering to participate in the drug court […]” people are able to receive treatment and get their children back in a timely manner. The EIFDC program is six-months of rigorous court sessions, daily group meetings, random drug tests and parenting classes. Parents will also undergo a detoxification process in order to safely remove all toxic substances from the body.

One parent who completed the EIFDC program attributes the social workers from the facility to a successful recovery. Without the guidance, support and patience from the staff at the drug addiction treatment center, a successful recovery would be extremely difficult to obtain.

Benefits of Alcohol Treatment Centers

Not only will alcohol addiction treatment allow parents to receive full custody of their children, but it will allow full control of their lives as well. Matthew Takamoto, an EIFDC social worker, says, “The program is an important change in the way the county handles addiction. In the olden days, we were quicker to send them to court. The approach was more blaming the addict versus giving them the tools they need”.

Not every city in every state has a program like EIFDC; in fact, only 5 percent of families who could benefit from the program have access to it. For families who cannot participate in the program, there are treatment facilities all along California’s coastline that provide many different treatment options to meet unique and specific needs.

California has over 800 miles of coastline, 300 outpatient and 500 inpatient drug addiction treatment facilities. They are well-equipped with an expertly trained staff of board-certified and licensed doctors, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and rehab clinicians that have the  knowledge to diagnose each and every condition patients are suffering from. Not only do alcohol treatment centers have a wide variety of staff, but they also offer an abundance of treatment options, including detoxification and therapeutic modalities. In order to meet each patient’s unique needs, alcohol rehab centers in California must provide as many options possible. There should be more than two different detoxification options and well-over ten different types of therapeutic modalities in order to properly treat substance addiction.

The centers promote open and honest communication, as well as healthy living, teach patients how to regain control of life and prepare patients to face temptation and peer pressure. Besides achieving sobriety, the best things a California treatment center can offer is an increase in self-esteem and a new outlook on life.

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