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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The first step to getting better is always admitting there is a problem, and seeking help.

AlcoholAlcoholism is the unfortunate disorder where an individual’s alcohol consumption spirals out of control to the point where alcohol becomes a focal point in their life. The conditions persists even if the behavior is having a negative impact on the individual’s relationships and life. Alcohol is a mind altering substance that is very addictive, due to ethanol, its active ingredient. Excessive consumption patterns typically lead to the development of physical and psychological addiction to the substance, as well as create major health issues for the individual.

Signs of Frequent Alcohol Consumption

  • Hiding alcohol intake
  • Constant aggressive arguments
  • Constant smell of alcohol on the breath or skin
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Frequent overconsumption of alcohol
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of personal hygiene
  • Having no ability to control alcohol consumptions
  • Constant alcohol cravings
  • Displaying withdrawal symptoms when they don’t consume alcohol
  • Always having alcohol on hand

Treating Alcoholism

The first step to getting better is always admitting there is a problem, and seeking help. Once the individual can break through the barrier of disbelief, they will finally be able to make progress toward their goal of detoxification (detox). The next step is finding a treatment facility that suits the needs of the individual. Once in treatment, the process of getting better starts. The first steps of treatment involve detoxification and assessment. Depending on the severity of the addiction, both detox and assessment may happen at the same time. Detoxification is the process of safely removing the ethanol from the body. In the most extreme cases, detox must be performed first before treatments can begin.

During the assessment process we evaluate the damage done to the mind and body, and the severity of the damage. As well as, we find out of there are an co-existing conditions that lead to alcoholism or furthered your alcoholism. At this time we will also determine if, and when to administer medications for withdrawals. After examining the condition we will be able to outline and begin treatment for the addiction. Throughout the treatment the individual will be monitored, and the treatment will be adjusted as they progress. During the treatment will will address all co-occurring conditions, and make sure that the alcoholism is completely addressed. We all teach the tools necessary to be able to continue sobriety outside of the program.

Fortunately, for alcohol abusers, near one third of those who successfully complete an alcohol detoxification program never experience any issues related to alcohol after the first year. This is an inspirational thought to keep in mind, but you must always remember, the treatment process is not easy. Though, once you are able to overcome the hurdle of admitting you have an issue, and beginning to seek treatment, you are much closer to your end goal of reaching sobriety.

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