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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

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Alcohol Treatment CenterWith the awareness that excessive alcohol abuse is harmful to an individual’s health, it is astounding to know how many Americans spend a majority of their income on alcohol. According to reports done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), alcohol abuse leads to nearly 88,000 deaths yearly, averaging 30 collective years off of their life expectancy. Combined with that loss is that staggering amount of money spent on alcohol, which is close to $250 billion a year.

Our alcohol treatment centers provide a safe haven, where individuals can go to seek help, in recovering from an alcohol addiction. An alcohol addiction can be just as dangerous as a drug addiction, if left untreated. For many individuals, making the choice to seek help from an alcohol and drug rehab is a big first step, but I can guarantee you, it’s worth it.

Addiction recovery or better mental health begins with the decision to seek treatment and enroll in a dedicated treatment facility.

Selecting a Treatment Center

Every individual has their own specific needs, so it is very important to find an alcohol treatment facility that understands this, and can cater to individuality. To wade through the list of potential facilities, these are some things to keep in mind:

  • Program Accreditation– Every program is required by state law to be able to show proof of certification. Some states require multiple credentials, so be aware of this fact when looking.
  • Qualified Staff Members– Having trained professionals that are licensed and qualified makes a big difference. These people have experienced in detoxification and rehabilitation, and know what it takes to help an individual get sober.
  • Program Effectiveness– All professional treatment center should keep record of their success rate in treating clients. If the treatment center has a follow-up program, you should check their intervals, and the reports of sobriety during the follow-ups. This can give some minor perspective into how effective a facility is.
  • Aftercare– These services usually come in the form of over the phone check-ups, or in person check-ins. These are often used to check how effective the treatment was, and to gauge if all underlying factors that caused and aided the alcoholism were treated.
  • Amenities– Along with everything in this list, check to make sure facilities are comfortable. Comfortable, clean, and well supervised programs tend to offer better results.

Selection of a the correct alcohol addiction treatment facility matters, it can determine the difference between prolonged success, or short-term success. Some more question to consider include:

#1. How do they expect their payments? Do they accept your insurance, or can they work out a payment plan?

#2. Is the facility kept clean, and is there a janitorial staff?

#3. Does the treatment program offer a comprehensive package of services that treat disorders and addictions?

#4. Does the treatment include all of the proper medications?

#5. Does treatment cater to physical disabilities, age, gender, or other cultural considerations?

#6. Is there long-term aftercare support, and how is it set up?

#7. Are any services offered to family members, and what do the services entail?

Special Considerations and Accommodations

Alcohol Treatment Center 2With having so much to consider, we always try to simplify the process. At Sprout Health California, our employees are trained to help educate friends and family on what to expect and how to deal with individuals to get them into an alcohol detoxification process, and how to deal with each other after completion of the treatment. We also pride ourselves on making our programs the most comprehensive and effective treatment programs they could possibly be.

Our programs are all about building the proper support network in order to help those seeking sobriety. In building this support network, we provide the education needed to deal with symptoms and to remain sober. We can guarantee if the individual continues to practice everything we offered, the have the highest chances for prolonged success.

The Tools Needed for Detox

From experience we have determined the strategies, principles, and treatments the form to create the best tools to help an individual on their journey to recovery. Along with treating alcohol addictions, we can identify and help stabilize mental disorders, or behavioral disorders co-occurring with the addiction. We have the ability to accommodate a wide variety of needs, and can facilitate treatment varying severity levels.

Inside of the detox process, we can medically manage withdrawal symptoms if needed. Knowing how to do handle different levels of addiction and properly treating withdrawal symptoms increases the effectiveness of our treatments.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

To achieve effective results, we combine a multitude of elements including experience, therapeutic programs, experiential therapies, communication, education, licensed and well trained staff, detoxification, and follow-up.

As we have taken the time to carefully craft an effective treatment method, you should as well research drug and alcohol rehab facilities and find which best fits your needs. Not all programs are created equally, so making the right choice can make a world of difference.

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