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Alcoholic Drinking Self-Assessment

The first step towards recovery is admitting that a problem exists.

Because of its legality, alcohol is literally everywhere. It can be accessed nearly any time, and many people actually keep it on hand. Whether you drink alcohol or not, you have very specific feelings towards it. Many times, those abusing alcohol are not aware of how much they consume. Aware or not, all behaviors are completely under the individual’s control.

The Brick Wall of Denial

Denial can be as strong a brick wall, impeding any progression in the right direction. When it comes to an alcohol addiction, no matter how bad it may be, the person is on the road to destruction. Alcohol addictions destroy relationships, lives, and cause individuals to miss valuable opportunities. The individual’s first step to getting help, and moving towards the road to success is tearing down the brick wall of denial they have built. They must come to grips with the fact that they have a problem, and they be willing to accept help with their issue.

The Beginnings of Treatment

As mentioned, the first step towards recovery is admitting that a problem exists, and seeking help from an alcohol treatment program. Once you enter a facility, you will be faced with another hard scenario, detoxification (detox). During detox the objective is to remove all of the ethanol, the active ingredient in alcohol, safely from the individual’s body. Along with detox comes assessment. During assessment we do a comprehensive evaluation of the individual in order to uncover all underlying factors and contributors the the individual’s addiction. All of the first few steps seem hard, but once admitted a program, it all becomes easy. When you put it in a grand perspective, the amount of life you obtain after taking a few hards steps, is absolutely worth it.

Self-Assessment Questions

  • Am I drinking to mask a emotions?
  • Am my drinking because I am facing financial hardships? Have I missed any work due to drinking?
  • Has my drinking led to any fights, excessive arguments, or drug use?
  • Does drinking make me feel like I am escaping work or social problems?
  • Am I constantly drinking alone, or hiding my drinking?
  • Am I remorseful after drinking?
  • Do I drink at all times of the day?
  • Have I ever received medical treatment because of my drinking?
  • Have I failed many committed attempts to stop drinking?
  • Do I display a collection of empty alcohol bottles and cans?
  • Has my health been negatively affected by drinking?

After truthfully answering the questions above, the results may surprise you. If you have answered yes to multiple questions, it is definitely time to seek help for your alcohol use. You may have unknowingly moved from a casual drinker to a varying degree of an alcoholic.

Alcohol Rehab Centers

Overconsumption of alcohol is a major health issue in the United States. It’s estimated that nearly 18 million adults, over the age of 18, have a moderate drinking problem. It is also estimated that one in ten children have an adult with a drinking problem living in their household. It is unfortunate that this is such a large problem, but it is good to know there are many outlets to help deal with alcohol addiction.

At Sprout Health California, we are able to tailor treatment programs to handle addictions ranging from moderate to the most severe. We also have trained professionals that are able to provide medically-assisted (acute) detox, and administer medications, for the most severe cases. With the ability to offer such a wide variety of services, and the proper amount of staff to tailor every treatment plan, we are one of the best facilities to seek out for Alcohol Addiction.

No matter how severe the problem might appear, there is a treatment program that can help you.

Along with providing services for those who are looking to recover from addiction, we also provide family therapy sessions. In these session we help reduce the tension in the family life, and attempt to help them get back to a place where they can understand and deal with each other. Some of the key lessons we emphasize are patients, understanding, and communication. Often people get frustrated with the individual and drudge up old feelings and actions from the past, so we teach people how to address their feelings, and how to properly accept the individual’s actions as they are now, and not as part of their past. We teach families how to understand each other, and that now the individual is on the road to recovery, they may not make up for everything they have done wrong in the past, but they are equipped to make good decisions beyond the completion of treatment.

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