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Effects Of Alcoholism On Families

At Sprout Health California, we are experienced and providing excellent help to people who suffer from alcohol addiction.

Alcoholism Impact On FamilyAccording to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, nearly half of the nation’s populations has been affected by a family member with an alcohol addiction. This statistic makes it plain to see, not only are alcohol abusers destroying themselves, they are also destroying the relationships with their families.

With so many people being affected, there is a huge need for family support. That is why at Sprout Health California, we offer a comprehensive list of services, including family services. Along with family services, we provide outpatient programs, aftercare programs, and ongoing monitoring to provide the afflicted individual with the greatest opportunities for prolonged rehabilitation.

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

One way to help a loved one is to pay attention for warning signs that their alcohol consumption has gotten out of control. If you begin to frequently notice that many of these behaviors are taking place, it may be time to get your loved one some help.

  • Consuming alcohol has become their top priority.
  • They constantly have the compulsion to drink.
  • They lack the ability to control alcohol craving.
  • You find them hiding their drinking habits.
  • They have no ability to limit alcohol intake.
  • They have a belief that their alcohol consumption is normal.
  • They are irritable or aggressive when confronted about their alcohol consumption.
  • They are constantly nauseous, having tremors, and sweating if they cannot consume alcohol.
  • They are constantly having problem at work or in social relationships.

The Major Changes

Alcoholism Impact On Family 2With heavy alcohol consumption comes mood swings, and personality changes, that can transform someone that you love, into someone you have never met before. Alcoholism reorganizes the priorities in the brain, and causes the individual to push everyone out of their life that doesn’t support their addiction. Frequently, when they are confronted about their addiction they will get offended, or they will try to avoid the subject all together. Many times these people also will avoid gatherings or family functions so they don’t have to deal with the situation as well. The worst it becomes, the more they seclude themselves, until the point where they have nothing, not even alcohol, and then they try to seek treatment.

Our Outpatient Programs

At Sprout Health California, we are experienced and providing excellent help to people who suffer from alcohol addiction. We maintain a fully certified staff that facilitates programs and aids in the treatment process. As a team, our goal is to remove the harmful substance from the person’s body, and get them on the road to not have to drink anymore. To do this, we educate the individual on their actions, and show them how their behaviors, have led them to this situation. We help them understand that, no matter the factors that increased their alcohol consumption, ultimately they can change it all, and never fall prey to this pattern of behavior again. This education on how to live a sober life, manage cravings, and avoid negative situations play a huge role in being able to maintain sobriety after leaving our program.

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare follows up on the success of the primary treatment. If offers an outlet for the individual, and gives them the opportunity to reconnect with professionals. This extra support system is aimed at increasing the longevity of the individual’s sobriety. Knowing that everyone handles their addiction differently, and everyone faces different circumstances in life, we tailor our aftercare to suit the needs of the individual and to be understanding. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly ear to make the situation more bearable, and to boost the individual’s confidence enough to help themselves succeed.

Addiction recovery or better mental health begins with the decision to seek treatment and enroll in a dedicated treatment facility.

Continued Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring offers a relaxed atmosphere but instills a sense of accountability. It’s a great support for those who are teetering back and forth on the line of relapse. We understand that after reintroduction into society, sometimes you are unable to afford the luxury of moving. Many people return to the exact same situation they were once in, and find themselves surrounded by the same craving, and the same bad people.

Sometimes it’s good to have a call from an alcohol detox treatment, to remind you that you have completed an alcohol detox program, and you are well above the need to abuse alcohol. You spent a long hard time in alcohol detox, and you endured alcohol treatment, all in preparation for this reintroduction into the world. You are well equipped with all of the tools needed for success, and all you have to do is employ them

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