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Alcoholism Treatment

Once an individual becomes addicted, everyone in their life can be negatively affected.

While a correct definition of alcohol is difficult to nail down, it can be defined as a boundary line that normal drinkers cross to become alcoholics. However, it cannot be denied that it is a pattern, a disease if you will, that can harm a person’s health, ability to work, and their capabilities of cultivating sound interpersonal relationships. Alcohol can be a hard habit to break because it satisfies several core needs: the need to feel good and a desire to avoid feeling pain.

The fact there are countless numbers of grocery and liquor stores ensures easy access to anyone struggling with an alcohol addiction. An alcoholic’s behavior will often create the pain and stress in their life that creates the vicious need in their mind and body to keep drinking and repeating the cycle.

Addiction Treatment Centers

Once an individual becomes addicted, everyone in their life can be negatively affected. A caring and professional treatment center, staffed with qualified and experienced professionals, is the right solution. Especially when they maintain a core philosophy that each client deserves the highest quality of personalized care that can be provided. At Sprout Health California, we believe in tailoring treatments for each individual because we know that each person arrives by a different path. We are proud of our caring staff who are skilled at identifying and assessing factors that can influence a client’s treatment. As such, we are focused on long-term success for each of our patients.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Quite often, a person’s family will help them make the choice from a variety of different programs, each with its own promise for treatment and recovery. Knowing what to look for can save a family, or person, time, money, and possible heartbreak. We encourage you to consider the following.

  • What type of results do you expect to receive? Spend considerable time trying to understand how an alcohol treatment center defines success. Is it defined by how well a person takes their medication? Is if defined by completing a 28-day program? Or is success defined by the number of people who refrain from alcohol after their treatment? Knowing this can give you or a family member a good idea of what the treatment center will offer, and how they will follow up at every step along the way.
  • Does the program offer long, and or short-term treatments? An approach to treatment will vary according to each person’s needs. While the most common type of drug or alcohol treatment program may be 28 days, some may need a longer duration to become stably sober.
  • Are there program methods for alleviating physical cravings for alcohol? People in addiction recovery may experience cravings for alcohol on a daily basis. Without a direct method of assessing these cravings, the cravings may be more powerful than support being provided.
  • Is there a nutritional component included in the program? People suffering from alcohol addiction quite often arrive for therapy in a poor state of physical, and mental health. Without knowing and repairing a person’s deficiencies, they could lapse back into abusing alcohol.
  • Does the program teach an individual those skills needed to remain sober? Regardless of the success of any program, individuals that leave can be expected to be hit by the stresses and influences that might push them to abuse alcohol again. This could result in relationship and job setbacks.
  • Do the drug and alcohol treatment programs make sense? If the results promised seem illogical, it may be a red flag. While there may be instant cures, sometimes miraculous, from different types of treatments, most people will only cover from addiction after having successfully removed those things that damaged their mind, body, and spirit in the first place. Most likely, these things will take time to repair.

Battling Low Self-Esteem

Addiction and low self-esteem are relatives. How people view themselves is directly related to how they experience life. People with a sense of high self-esteem do not struggle to find success and happiness as those who lack it. They feel they are worthy and deserving of everything good thing that comes into their life.

A sense of low self-esteem will affect job performance, relationships, and will often lead to some type of substance abuse that helps that person drown out their misery. Professional Alcohol rehab centers can help individuals get to the bottom of what has damaged that person’s self-esteem. Then, the right treatments can be given for the body, mind, and spirit. Alcohol rehab facilities, the right ones, can be there to offer the support and help a person start down the path to full recovery.

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