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Difference Between Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism

Addiction recovery or better mental health begins with the decision to seek treatment and enroll in a dedicated treatment facility.

Alcohol abuse is a condition that not only affects the abuser, but also everyone involved in that individual’s life. Thus, it is imperative to completely understand the individual’s alcoholism, including its causes and influences, to properly treat it. It is also crucial to educate the person on the err of their ways, and how to deal with their family members, moving forward.

Alcohol Abuse Or AlcoholismQ: Why do they drink so much?
A: There are many reason that lead to alcoholism. Some contributing factors include: depression, hereditary, mental disorders, over indulgence, and peer pressure. Alcoholism doesn’t happen all at once, it is a progressive disease that continually grows worst. Most spiral downward to the point where they arrested for displaying risky behavior such as drinking and driving. The best way to find out what the stem of their problem is, is to have them go to a rehabilitation facility. There they will be properly diagnosed, and can receive treatment for all of the conditions simultaneously, offering them the best chance for sobriety.

Q: Why don’t they get help?
A:Fear. Most say they are afraid to admit they have an issue, and don’t like it when others suggest their alcoholism is a problem. Most often those who are addicted to alcohol are often at a stage where they are more concerned where figuring out where their next drink will come from. One they get over the behaviors of seeking alcohol, stealing, lying, and hiding their drinking, they will be more inclined to want to get help. Their lives are being controlled by alcohol, but it’s never too late to get them help.

Q: What is stopping them from checking into a facility for treatment?
A: In the early stages of alcoholism, many times the individual doesn’t realize the severity of their issue. Many times, the individual lacks the proper guidance to get into a facility, when they are not consuming alcohol their minds are usually so overwhelmed that it feels like the process is much harder than it actually is. Individuals are much more likely to check into a facility if someone helps them or does the research on their behalf. It helps to have a family member present the information after doing the research, because the afflicted individual will perceive the act as a loving one, and will also not be faced with having to figure out the process alone.

Q: Is there hope for them to recover?
A: There is always hope for recovery, and the odds of recovery increase exponentially the sooner the problem is addressed. Another vital portion of recovery is finding an alcohol treatment program that specializes in alcohol, and can offer all the support needed. As with every addiction, the recovery process is fragile and requires specialized and personalized care.

Treating Alcoholism

The first and most crucial step is to get the individual to admit they have a problem, and to seek help. Once the individual is committed to finding sobriety, we are able to start our process. Our first step to treatment is assessment, in which, we are able to find all the factors that contribute to the individual’s alcoholism. From this we are able to build a treatment plan that offers the best chance at prolonged sobriety.

All of our treatment plans are individually tailored, and are dependant on the length of alcohol abuse and the severity of the abuse. This is why we, Sprout Health California, are able offer the most effective treatments. Our licensed professionals have years of experience, and are experts at crafting alcohol treatment plans that offer the highest chances for prolonged success. We understand the many contributing factors to alcoholism and we are ready to help you overcome them.

Valuing Skilled Staff

Our professional staff is experienced, licensed, and skilled. Every individual understands the fragile condition of alcoholism, and the amount of patience needed to treat it. Clients can rest assured that our services are discrete, comfortable, and have their best intentions at heart. Our aim is to make a positive impact on your life, so that treatment is the most effective.

Having such skilled staff, and properly pairing them with individuals in recovery, is part of our plan for success. Pairing each individual with the right staff is important, because it helps to have two personalities that blend together. For the patient it feels like someone truly understands them, and helps their self esteem.

Locating an Alcoholism Treatment Program

There are many facts that should considered when searching for alcohol rehab centers

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers – Questions to Consider

  • What are the expected results of your treatment program?
  • What certifications does the treatment facility possess?
  • What services are included in your alcohol treatment program?
  • Is the program residential, and how long is the required stay?
  • Are family members of friends to visit, or allowed to communicate with the individual?
  • Do you accept my insurance, or is financing available?
  • Do you have a follow-up program, and what does it consist of?

Asking these questions and knowing what expectations there are will allow you to work towards goals. Qualifications and credentials of a facility matter because these facilities have your loved one’s life and sobriety is in their hands. Find a program that can surface any underlying issues and identify all the causes of addiction. Prepare your loved ones for the length of the stay, in certain cases let them know they will not be allowed to contact anyone until completion of the program. Another one of the most important things is finding a way to pay for the program, make sure the programs accept your insurance or have a plan that fits your budget. Finally, know if the alcohol treatment program needs to make future contact, and expect to have the individual ready to speak with them.

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