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Continuing Care

At Sprout Health California, we like to think that it is never too late.

Follow up is critical if an individual is to maintain a life free of drugs. The first part of the journey starts when a person, a friend, or someone they love, decides to seek help for the addicted person. By the time a person makes up their mind to receive help, they can be far down the road of addiction. We make a full assessment of the individual’s past, medical history, and their state of mind. Chemicals can do great bodily and mental harm. Once a person is in our care, we proceed to detoxification treatments.

These can be challenging for an individual because they have to go without their fix. We have the experience and commitment to help them through it. Their success relies on a combination of or services that we provide. Individual counseling is readily provided. We can also bring their friends and family members in if they approve. The goal is to get everyone on the same page. Addiction is tough on everyone involved. It can be especially tough on family members. Relationships can sour over an addicted person’s antics. Unfortunately, the relationships nearly ruined are the ones an addict needs to rekindle the support they need to survive their program. We take special care in this area. We also encourage our clients to attend group therapy when we think it can help. It is always great to draw strength from others with similar experiences in life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Our programs center around this discipline for a reason. We train our clients to start getting rid of negative thinking patterns about themselves because is self-destructive. We challenge them to develop new thoughts about life, and to break old habits and depart from unwanted behavior patterns. This works well for many. Clients who no longer have access to their “high” quite often succumb to depression. If they can find value and meaning in life, they can begin to take the first, necessary steps toward recovery. No therapy program will work if the individual does not understand their addiction along with the triggers that can set if off again.

Continuing Care and Follow Up Drug Treatment Programs

Follow up is one of the most important aspects of your addiction treatment program. Addiction treatment is a lot like being in basic training. Once you graduate, your mission is to apply what you have learned on the battle field. Your situation of returning to normal life will seem dangerous, trust us! What you have learned with us will come in handy. All you need to do now is to continue the professional help that we can provide through our commitment to continuing care. Life is changing. You are moving from a drug-filled life to one that is drug-free. Just keep in mind that once your return home, old familiar things will be waiting for you.

Continuing care consists of support meetings, a continuation of individual counseling, and working to rebuild damaged friendships and relationships. You will need to apply every new skill you have learned. Your program will teach you skills like relaxation, and physical exercises that can help keep you healthy and alert. You will also learn timely techniques that can help you deal with drug cravings, and to identify triggers that may entice you to start using drugs again. Triggers are the places, people, events, and circumstances that took you down the road to addiction. In addition, there are a number of groups that you can join, like Save Our Selves (SOS), Smart Recovery, or Narcotics Anonymous. We will provide you with a list, and you are free to search for groups as well.

Working with Your Family

Your family can be a tremendous in helping you get your life back together. By reason of your addiction, they no doubt have their own issues to deal with. Addiction affects the entire network of family, friends, and people at work as well. Your initial program, along with continuing care can help you learn to communicate better. You can start participating in new hobbies and interests. Change—is what rehab and follow up is all about.

At Sprout Health California, we are on a mission to help people put their lives back together. Call for a consultation today. Your life may depend on it. When you decide to find an effective California drug treatment center, we are the professionals to call.

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