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Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Everything we do is to help the patient through detox, build awareness and confidence, and then to know what can trigger a relapse.

Drugs are not famous by any means, but if there is one drug that stands out from among all the rest, it is cocaine. It is a powerful stimulant that offers an intense feeling of euphoria and well-being. Unfortunately, the high does not last long and the addict sets about looking for their next fix. Cocaine addicts are famous for mood swings. It used to be the world, even experts, thought habitual use of cocaine was a result of psychological problems. Now, it is clear that its use related to the brain’s chemistry, and the prolonged use alters the brain’s chemistry. Thus dependency is both physical and psychological. Users often experience elevated heart rates and an increase in blood pressure.

Cocaine Abuse

Perhaps a million Americans may be addicted to cocaine. It happens to be the second most abused drug in the world. No doubt, those numbers are probably higher since users, depending social status and income, can hide addictions even when receiving treatments. You will find cocaine abuse even amongst eighth graders. According to reports, eighth graders among all users, have the lowest usage numbers in this country. Appalling! That eighth graders would even have access to such drugs. There may be more than half a million yearly visits to the hospital resulting from cocaine abuse.

Why Is Cocaine Addictive

Cocaine is like any stimulant drug. They all affect the brain’s limbic system. This is the part of the brain that issues huge rewards of euphoria and well-being. Cocaine blocks the regulation of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for giving a person that feeling of being on a high, where everything is just perfect. Thus, when a person takes cocaine, the brain is flooded with dopamine, and that person feels an unbelievable high. Dopamine can quickly deplete, and if it is not replenished, the person feels an immense crash. All of their dopamine is used up for the moment. It is at this stage that depression can set in as well. The depression is so low that a person can also fall susceptible to suicidal thoughts.

The addict also loses his or her ability to control their behavior. Despite knowing the effects of heroin, the user will continue. They cannot will themselves to stop. They are utterly helpless without getting professional treatment. This is the “song” of the addict.

How to Tell if a Person is Using Cocaine

When a person is on a cocaine high, they are highly stimulated. They can appear to be very talkative, mentally alert, and totally aware of their surroundings. Some no longer feel the need to eat, or ever sleep, at this point. Their heart rate is elevated, along with their blood pressure. That is the high, now for the crash. You can expect them to be depressed, irritated, spacey, and even suffer from delusions. This is the price that cocaine addicts pay.

Treating the Cocaine Addict – Cocaine Rehab

We approach cocaine addiction with several tools. First we provide the proper detox treatments. Second, we provide Cognitive Behavioral Theory principles. Detox can be challenging for anyone. It is tough on cocaine addicts because their minds and bodies crave the high periods. We can provide inpatient and outpatient services as well. It all depends on the addicted person’s progress, and their ability to put all the pieces of the program together.

During the healing period, we can bring family members and friends to therapy sessions if the client permits. Friends and family can be a tremendous force in helping a person gain the strength to kick their habit. Cognitive therapy sessions go a long way in helping an individual look squarely at problems, and then find solutions. We also help the individual to learn to accept themselves in a positive light. They need to rebuilt their self-esteem before their healing can take root.

Everything we do is to help the patient through detox, build awareness and confidence, and then to know what can trigger a relapse. We want our clients to be free for life. If you or a loved one is suffering from cocaine addiction, help is only a phone call away. Some put off getting help because of the stigma they think will face. People are concerned about their jobs and reputations. We know there is a lot more at stake than just a job or reputation for people with an addiction out of control—their life. We are the experts at providing cocaine abuse treatment.

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