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Drug Addiction Treatment Education

Spreading the knowledge of the differentiation between drug abuse and drug addiction is a high priority for Sprout Health California.

The importance of understanding abuse is imperative in order to identify an abuser before their behavior transgresses into an all-out addiction. Sprout Health California would ultimately like it to be common knowledge for any individual dealing with an addiction and their family to be able identify the difference between abuse and addiction.

Drug Addiction EducationAddiction treatment is centered on re-educating the abuser using techniques such as meditation, behavioral therapy, or even experimental therapies. An abuser’s re-education involves teaching them something new and showing them a deeper appreciation for something they already knew. This process allows the abuser to confront their tribulations and cope with them. These tribulations may have even been the sole cause of their addictions. Addiction is a mental ailment and in order for the body to function properly it must be treated. Being an addict does not make you less of a moral person. Being an addict does however mean your brain has been entirely rewired by the drug to stimulate the region of your brain that causes pleasure only when the user is abusing the substance.

Primarily treating the mental ailments is the most effective way to safely recover from an addiction. Here at Sprout Health California, we offer a Brain Wellness Program that helps abusers regain their full cognitive use again. We combine ground breaking therapies like neurofeedback and mind-body awareness to re-educate abusers on how the mind works and how to identify and avoid addiction causing behaviors.

Addicts will learn how to identify their individual triggers that lead to their substance abuse.

Our licensed staff will assist their patients in deciphering their thoughts in a positive objective-manner in order to guide them towards a drug free future. Sprout Health California’s therapists are experts in helping patients reflect on their thoughts and manage them in a manner that will adapt them in to something more productive. At the end of the day, educating yourself on drug addiction is focused on learning new things and appreciating things you have already known in a deeper sense. These new focuses will lead to a more positive and more profound future.

The first step of drug education begins once the addict, family member, or friend reaches out to an advisor at a treatment facility. They will then discuss the various forms or treatments and programs that the addict can choose from to undergo therapy. They will learn about the location, the staff, the environment, and the treatments available. This conversation will allow the addict to make an informed decision when they choose how they will receive help.

Once the patient arrives to the treatment facility they will undergo a detox. The detox will remove all the toxins from the addict’s body under the watchful eye of licensed professionals. The addict is also educated on the variety of ways they can manage the withdrawal in a safe fashion.

Depending on the intensity of the addiction, the addict has a large range of treatment options to choose from. If the withdrawal will be life-threatening due to the severity of the addiction, the addict will be admitted into a hospital to undergo an inpatient treatment program. If the addict has a mild addiction but does not require constant medical supervision but does suffer from reoccurring mental health illness, it is recommended that they enlist in an inpatient program that offers housing. If the addiction is lesser but the addict suffers from emotional or mental instability, then it is recommended that the individual take part in a partial hospitalization program. If the individual has an abuse issue but is not an addict yet, then it is recommended that they participate in a rigorous outpatient program.

In every treatment scenario listed, the addict and their loved ones will receive education on drugs. Note that the family is included in the treatment program because they will be the ones responsible for the long term support of the patient. It is imperative to understand the devastation an addiction could bring not to just the individual but to the entire family.

Sprout Health California lays emphasis on the importance of educating individuals on drug addiction. Our Psychoeducational and Brain Wellness Program are vital in the enrichment of our therapeutic practices. When utilized together, the programs will provide an even superior impact on the patient’s life. Understanding even just the basics of drug addiction is fundamental to the battle against the mental ailment. Once one truly understands the difference between abuse and addiction, the behaviors that lead to an addiction, the ways to reach out for help, the treatment process, and how to manage the addiction they hold the true key to fighting drug addiction.

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