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Flakka TreatmentFlakka is the newest drug on the market, it has been coined a ‘designer drug’, and it has swept the nation. Flakka’s legitimate name is alpha pyrrolidinopentiophenone and it has been on the watch list of several substance monitoring organizations. Granted that Flakka is a relatively new drug its predecessor, Cathinone, stems back to the sixties. Cathinone is a stimulant that is derived from a Khat Bush. The Khat Bush grows naturally in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. The Khat bush has been utilized for thousands of years by the natives in order to obtain an enraptured high. Due to the naturally occurring Khat, Cathinone is completely legal to produce in those regions of the world.

Flakka has been synthetically formulated from Cathinone and is used to achieve the same effects as other stimulating drugs. Flakka has been recorded to cause delirium. The symptoms of delirium include overstimulation, delusions, and severe anxiety. In spite of Flakka’s reported euphoric effects, it is one of the chief triggers to the abuser taking their own life or overdosing. It has been found that mixing Flakka with a drug called pentedrone will lead the abusers heart to collapse, comatose, and ultimately fatality.

Flakka inhibits the circulation on adrenaline and the pleasure chemicals in the brain. When Flakka is taken, it increases the adrenaline and pleasure chemicals in the brain and inadvertently affects both the user physically and mentally. Since adrenaline directly correlates with an individual’s heart rate, the use of Flakka will increase the user’s blood pressure to an abnormal rate. The lethal mixture of high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate are the essential ingredients that ultimately create a recipe for heart failure.

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The continuous abuse of Flakka often results in increased irritation and frequent displays of violent outbreaks. The addict’s frequent delusions and hallucinations completely alter the individual’s sense of reality. That mixed with severe anxiety create an environment in the addict’s head that could lead to them committing unintentional acts of brutality. They become essentially a bomb with a very short fuse. Unfortunately, do to these episodes of insanity it is not unusual to see the abuser inflect aggression onto themselves. Sometimes these bouts of insanity lead to the addict harming others as well. Sometimes the condition gets so out of hand that the addicts actively demonstrate distaste for authority and they also display a predisposition of potentially committing a homicide.

Although Cathinone, the fundamental compound that Flakka is derived from, has been used greatly over the past few decades there is a scarcity of scientific evidence regarding the long term effects of the drug. The majority of the public assumes that since Flakka is basically an amphetamine then the effects of the drug on an addicts mind and body should be virtually the same.

Flakka Treatment 2The treatment for a Flakka addiction is aimed towards detoxing the addict’s entire bloodstream of the drug. It is imperative that the addict receives medical supervision while going through the detoxification process in order to be conscientious of the high risk of heart failure. Medical attention is also required to ensure that the patient’s maintains a stable mental wellbeing. These are important due to the potential of violent behavioral outbreaks caused by the hallucinations and severe anxiety the addict may suffer from. If the patient suffers from trust issues, which they usually do due to their severe anxiety, their grasp on reality could become even more obscured ultimately leading into deeper mental problems. With these facts in mind, treatment specialists will facilitate psychiatric therapy while the patient is undergoing the detoxification process.

Here at Sprout Health California, we make it our mission to provide the best service. We pride ourselves on being fully capable of administering treatment for such a complicated addiction. We offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions that are solely intended to allow the patient to build their sense of trust again. Our fully certified staff members will work one on one with the recovering addict in educating them to live a healthier lifestyle. The patient will acquire the skills to help them function in everyday life and make healthy reality based decisions. These new skills will show the patient to essentially recognize what triggers them and how to manage it in a beneficial manner. They will also learn to abide by a healthier lifestyle. Our meditation and various mind-body therapies facilitate a calming environment in which the recovering addict will feel stress-free and allow them to find more meaning in their personal life.

Sprout Health California is devoted entirely to facilitating individuals through the addiction recovery process. Our programs are specifically designed to treat any type of substance addiction. Our highly certified therapists will work individually with the patient to ensure a more mentally and physically stable future.

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