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K2/Spice Treatment

At Sprout Health California, we have a host of treatment programs.

The one constant that you can count on is that people will continually experiment with drugs, or things that are illegal. You might say it is in human nature to tempt fate. Spice, K2, Red Dawn x, Green Giant, and AK-47 are names used to descript a fairly new drug that is 800 times more powerful than THC, marijuana. It is a synthetic material, and holds its own as a new drug that is addictive as anything that has ever hit the streets. The truth is medical professionals and legislators are not even aware of its danger, or presence. Take it from the professionals at Sprout Health California, we now that it is deadly dangerous.

How Spice Arrived on the Scene

This so-called marijuana substance arrived at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. In early April and May of 2015, a number of New Yorkers were hospitalized due to overdoses of spice. If marijuana can damage a person’s cognitive abilities, just image what a synthetic drug, based on similar characteristics, can do if it is 800 times stronger. We haven’t seen the last of it. Why will people take the chance. What happens in that person’s world to make them throw caution to the wind? Typical marijuana can affect a person’s mood, memory, appetite, and learning abilities.

What Are the Manifestations and Symptoms?

Synthetic marijuana is powerful, 800 times more so than typical marijuana. The signs will be magnified many time over. You can expect to see extreme anxieties, seizures, tremors, heightened moods, delusions, paranoia, and an inability to distinguish reality from imagination. It’s an extremely false high. Once it wears off, the addicted person will do anything to return to that high. Most likely, they will experience an extreme state of depression, which can be just as dangerous as an extreme high. Their heart rate can increase to the point of the heart busting out of their chest.

How We Treat Spice/K2 Addiction

With every addiction, we look at all the variables, which include a person’s health, mental state, depth of addiction, family and support structure. Once we know their history, we can go about putting together a plan for detoxification. Spice is far more deadlier than marijuana, so the treatment will be more comprehensive. We advise those who are close to the addicted, with the addicted person’s permission, of what to expect and the support role they can play in helping that person make it through their spice withdrawal treatment program. It will be a challenge, for sure. It will take a whole new way for that person to start looking at life.

Addiction recovery or better mental health begins with the decision to seek treatment and enroll in a dedicated treatment facility.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At Sprout Health California, we have a host of treatment programs, and they are centered abound Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It remains a fundamental approach in helping our clients examine how they think and react in life. We help them to find the good within themselves, and to focus on getting better and regaining their hold on life. We know that if we can help change their misaligned thought patterns, we can help them change their behavioral patterns. This is where change really begins. We also can also work with them in group therapy sessions. There is strength in numbers, and it helps if there are others present fighting, or who have overcome the same challenges. We do everything we can to keep the sessions positive and to help the client get through their K2 addiction treatment.

Family Therapy

Patients rely, more than they know, on the help and support of their families. Our goal is to also bring them together with family members to start the healing process from that level. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the entire family feels the affects. Relationship can be strained past their breaking point, and this is when an addicted person will need the wise support of their friends and family members the most. We may also employ experimental therapies that we have found to be quite effective in helping clients recover.

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