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Klonopin Treatment Program

Here at Sprout Health California, our CBT therapy has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective when dealing with a Klonopin addiction specifically.

Klonopin is classified under prescription drugs known as benzodiazepines. Klonopin is prescribed by doctors in order to help patients manage their feelings of anxiety, sudden convulsions, or to mellow out seizures. Klonopin is regarded as impressively fast acting. Benzodiazepines work by intensifying the sedating effects produced by the gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). The high sedation capability is what makes Klonopin such an effective drug for the high strung individual.

Klonopin TreatmentThe three most prescribed and addictive benzos in the United States include Xanax, Ativan, and then Klonopin. In 2011 alone, the drugs accounted for over sixty three thousand emergency room visits. In a report published by NIDA, there has been recorded approximately fifty five million Americans over the age of twelve who abuse benzos. In the year 2014, there was a staggering eight thousand deaths recorded due to benzodiazepines overdose. This number has increased four hundred forty five percent since the year 2001. In fact thirty percent of patients admitted into a benzo treatment facility suffer from psychiatric issues. Seventy five percent of patients who were treated for benzo addiction have also been reported to have abuse alcohol and various opiates.

Experts on the Klonopin drug have proven that the drug produces an inhibitory effect by overcoming natural GABA production. Klonopin creates the inhibitory high by suppressing the electrical nerve impulses that are constantly shooting off in daily neuronal activity. By suppressing these high intensity impulses, patients who suffer from anxiety or seizure disorders become much calmer. Seizures are managed by essentially suppressing the erratic firing of electrical signals to the brain that initially cause the seizures.

Sprout Health California proudly shares that those who suffer from Klonopin addictions have an extremely high probability of becoming sober for the rest of the patient’s life if the patient is willing to seek out the most effective therapy for their individual needs and then put in a real effort. Our licensed staff will be here to guide you through your recovery.

Detoxing from any benzo is extremely dangerous. It is potentially life threatening because Klonopin not only affects the electrical signals in the user’s brain but also their dopamine levels, serotonin levels, the natural blood pressure regulator (norepinephrine), and acetylcholine levels. Removing the Klonopin will inevitably lead to the overstimulation of the brain functions listed above. The overstimulation could ultimately damage both physiologic and psychological bodily functions. These functions can result in increasing blood pressure, racing heart, and a lack of oxygen being distributed to the body’s tissues. Also, the effects may lead to inability to sleep, delusion, aggravation, possible hallucinations, anxiety, night terrors, and spasms of the muscle. These horrible side effect of withdrawal are enough to keep a person hooked on the drug so the abuse would not have to endure the symptoms.

Klonopin Treatment detoxKlonopin and benzos also pose additional dangers. These dangers include high blood pressure, shock, falling into a coma, and even a heart attack. Klonopin and other benzos also suppress the respiratory system, and this is where things get even more complex. An upside to Klonopin is that when the drug is taken by itself it hardly leads to severe complications. But once the Klonopin is mixed with other drugs (alcohol, weed, opiates, etc.) it becomes a real danger. A benzo overdose will result in confusion, tiredness, and dizziness. An overdose can also lead to a major decline in the ability to breathe comfortably.

Psychological effects of getting off of a benzo include the inability to think straight, emotional unsettlement, no sex drive, depression, the sudden fear to be a part of society, anxiety, and complete loss of interest in everything. An addict may also even lose the ability to feel pleasure and also lose the ability to be able to express pleasure to another person.

Getting off of benzos is a very difficult task. It requires not only physical recovery but mental as well. A recovering addict needs to slowly detox from the drug. It is imperative to take ones time when doing so because the risk of the patient snapping into severe withdrawal symptoms are very high. With that said, many individuals do literally quit taking benzos abruptly. They put themselves at risk because the results of the withdrawal symptom can be potentially life threatening. It is stressed, once again, that when withdrawing from benzos to do so in baby steps.

Here at Sprout Health California, our CBT therapy has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective when dealing with a Klonopin addiction specifically. This statement is particularly true when the recovering addict is not only addicted to Klonopin but the other drugs as well (alcohol, weed, etc). Since benzos are used to treat anxiety, CBT is increasingly more effective because it allows patients to identify what triggers their feelings of discomfort and what they can do to effectively manage them. Along with various coping mechanisms, patents will learn how to use meditation and other mind body practices to force them to fall into a deep relaxation. Neurofeedback allows medical professionals to take a look into the patient’s mind and communicate to the patient that they are not powerless and that they can remain sober.

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