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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

At Sprout Health California, we fully understand how addiction can take hold of a person’s life.

MarijuanaMost people, when asked if marijuana can become addictive, simply shake their heads and answer, “No.” Most people envision addicts using hard-core drugs, sweating it out for a week strapped to a hospital bed. This is simply not the vision that people have when the subject of marijuana arises.  Regardless of the fact that marijuana is legal in some states for certain medical purposes, marijuana can become addictive.

The truth is any substance that can be consumed has the capacity to be abused. What was thought of as recreational can turn into a deadly compulsion that takes a person down the path of eventual destruction. At Sprout Health California, we cannot force anyone to see the light. However, when you are tired of chasing yourself in circles, we can provide the marijuana rehab programs and support to help you turn your life around for the better.

Marijuana Trends

Today, 23 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana. There are medical benefits realized in some corners. Still, there are others that question its use. What cannot be argued is that marijuana seems to have pain-relieving effects. It has been used for people with AIDS, to ease the pain of glaucoma and cancer, and to treat nausea and vomiting. It can be served with tea or mixed in certain foods. Its common names include weed, Mary Jane, grass, pot herb, grass, and reefer.

Many adults use marijuana, but statistics indicate that teens who start using the drug are likely to end up using, and even abusing, marijuana during their adult years. The sad fact is that very few people who use marijuana will seek medical for their addiction.

The challenge with today’s marijuana is that it is significantly more potent than that of 25 years ago. THC, marijuana’s proactive ingredient has increased more than 3.7% on average. Thus addictions have increased substantially over the years. Millions of people use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Marijuana Use Symptoms

One can tell if a person uses marijuana based on its potency, the amount consumed, the constitution of the person using it, and their relative experience. For some, marijuana seems to have a calming effect. For others, continued use can cause distrust, panic, anxiety, and even paranoia attacks. If used in extremely large doses, one can experience hallucinations, forgetfulness, a loss of identity, and delusions. Reality can take on a whole new meaning.

Our professional staff is qualified, and experienced. We have helped many people get back on the track and to regain control of their future.

Our Approach to Treating Marijuana Addiction

Our approach is one of care and professionalism. We gear our programs toward helping a person understand the why and how of their addiction. If we can help manage both the psychological and physical aspect of their addiction, healing can begin. The person’s mental reward center may have been affected by the drug, and counseling and help restricting how they think of themselves goes a long way in helping that person. We take treatment for marijuana addiction quite seriously.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Rewards

We spend quality time helping our clients to restore their maladjusted thinking patters—and thus their behaviors. We also use a combination of therapies to help individuals find new meaning in life. This is critically important. Something to do, something to love, and something to hope for are three essential elements that we try to bring back into their lives. With the client’s permission, we also try to include family members or friends in counseling sessions. An addiction can be destructive for everyone in the addicted person’s circle of influence. Relationships can be bruised beyond the point of return. Jobs can be compromised, and social circles diminish and disappear. Often, we help the addicted person to pick up the pieces to put their life back together.

At Sprout Health California, we fully understand how addiction can take hold of a person’s life. As such, we have the programs and methods to help anyone, who is willing, to get their life back on track. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you or a loved one regain control. All too often, people think that marijuana use is simply recreational, that it cannot cause addictions. We are here to tell you that it can, and that it can alter a person’s life in negative ways.

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