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Methamphetamines Addiction Treatment

At Sprout Health California, we firmly believe that a holistic approach to meth addiction is the plausible answer and solution.

Methamphetamines are powerful stimulants. Commonly known names include tweak, speed, tina, crystal meth, and ice. They are extremely powerful and highly addictive. As such, amphetamines are rarely prescribed by doctors, and only as a last resort under the strict watch of medical supervision. Perhaps, a half a million Americans are addicted to the substance. As many as 120,000 may be added to the list each year. The substance is now the fourth leading cause of substance abuse behind marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

What Causes the Rush?

The drug changes the way the brain interprets sensations of pleasure. Meth stimulates the brain into releasing massive amounts of dopamine. This intense rush is what causes people to become addicted to the drug so quickly. The effects are immediate, and wear off quickly. This is another reason why users are in a hurry to get their next hit. The user is pushed into an unending cycle to experience a greater high each time around. Individuals will inject, smoke, or even ingest the drug orally to experience their next high.

The areas of the brain responsible for decision making are the ones most greatly affected by addiction to the drug. Crystal meth also impairs the brain’s ability to curb or suppress behaviors that are habitual, and that are essentially counterproductive and useless to the individual. From a scientific point of view, it is rather amazing. Imagine a chemical that produces a high, rearranges the mind’s neuro pathways to need it, and then alters the brain’s ability to change the habit! As a result, a person will continue to take the drug knowing full well their health is in jeopardy.

Meth Destroys Lives

Meth destroys lives…period. Addiction destroys careers, relationships, and social networks. Individuals need help long before they get to this stage, but at any stage support and help may be able to change the outcome. A loss of inhibitory control makes quitting even more difficult. There is such a thing as substance abuse, and there also such a thing as an addiction. People can abuse alcohol and marijuana, yet function in a normal way. There is no such thing as a harmful abuse of meth, or heroin. The first experimental attempt will lead to the next, then addiction will surely set in.

Damages caused by meth use include:

Rapid, dangerous heartbeats that can lead to increased blood pressure within the body, and bodily tissues receive less oxygen when addicted to meth. The thyroid will also show signs of over activity. Glaucoma may also set in, which can lead to eventual blindness. Severe anxieties, an inability to sleep, occasion or frequent mental delusions, hallucinations, and psychosis are also common results from abusing the drug.

Treatment for Meth Addiction

Methamphetamines Treatment 2Addictions such as alcohol and heroin have specific medication protocols that can be employed to manage the detox process. For methamphetamines, there are no such protocols in place. We approach treatment, in this instance, very carefully with supportive oversight. Our health professionals are extremely qualified, caring, and supportive. They have been at it a long time and understand the addiction process from beginning to end.

When detox begins, an individual can be left in a very depressed state because their “high” has been removed. Some people have actually been reduced to a state of not being able to feel pleasure. This can be particularly damaging. We all seek pleasure and good feelings. Unfortunately, the addict has created a mental and physical scenario where feeling pleasure without the drug is next to impossible.

The Power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Individual counseling sessions, along with crystal meth treatment, can help the person learn to recognize and solve problems. Methamphetamines treatment includes teaching a person how to start adapting the thoughts that will lead to different, positive outcomes of behavior. In therapy, we may place the person in group and therapy sessions with their permission. Quite often, others can help the individual work their problems, simply by having experienced the same challenges. Our goal is to help patients rediscover the joys of life. How long the process takes is up to the individual and their willingness to change and begin a new life.

Family members and friends, at the approval of the addicted individual, can also attend therapy. It is important for friends and family members to understand your addiction, and to be able to offer support to help you through it. Counseling benefits them as well. Relationships can sometimes be pushed past the point of no return. Addiction affects everyone.

At Sprout Health California, we firmly believe that a holistic approach to meth addiction is the plausible answer and solution. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you or a loved one return to a life free of addiction.

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