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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment

At Sprout Health California, we make it our mission to educate our patients on how to positively manage their stress and their addiction.

OxyContinIt is very stressful living your day to day life with moderate pain caused by muscle and bone pain, arthritis, and aching teeth. There is no debate that we become static and our quality of life greatly decreases regarding the considerable amount of pain caused by those naturally occurring ailments. When you are constantly aching you become irritable, your mind gets cloudy, your work life suffers, and potentially even your intimate relationships will be affected. This severe of pain will not be alleviated by the over the counter ibuprofen or Advil. This level of pain requires a higher dosage of painkillers. Luckily, there is a prescription that can handle these high intensity levels of pain but it is highly addictive. This prescription is called OxyContin.

OxyContin is the most regularly prescribed narcotic painkiller for moderate to severe pain. This analgesic is a synthetic derivative of the naturally transpiring opiates that are harvested from the poppy plant. OxyContin effect on consumers is comparable to other opiates like morphine, codeine, and heroin. Its divergence from these drugs is that OxyContin is actually chemically synthesized in a laboratory as opposed to actually being derived from a natural plant. Of the three opiates listed, OxyContin is the most similar to codeine. The effectiveness of these drugs is credited to their ability to modify the natural receptors in the brain that transmit pain. The particles in OxyContin actually attach themselves to the opioid receptors that transmit the electrical waves that tell the brain you are in pain. They reinterpret the electrical signals to tell your brain that you are no longer in pain and they also release an overwhelming feeling of euphoria.

OxyContin affects the opioid receptors not only in the consumer’s brain but the opioid receptors all over the consumer’s body. Common side effects of OxyContin affecting the gastrointestinal tract include constipation, vomiting, and the inability to make bowel movements. Additional side effects caused by OxyContin effect on other opioid receptors in the body include migraines, vertigo, shivers, burning sensations, and random bouts of severe pain. While these side effects may seem mediocre, OxyContin also causes some very severe reactions. These reactions include a tight chest, inability to take normal breaths, fevers, lack of mental clarity, goosebumps, fatigue, onset dizziness, and sudden loss of consciousness.

Sprout Health California has designed our programs based on present best practices to provide the highest quality of recovery and treatment services.

It is important to recall that all opioids suppress the central nervous system and by doing so they inadvertently attack the respiratory system. When an abuser overdoses on OxyContin they are no longer able to breathe freely and they will lose a substantial amount of the brain’s oxygen. Eventually the rest of the body becomes suffocated from lack of oxygen and there is an abundant amount of carbon dioxide left in the body because it is not being flushed out by fresh oxygen. These complications cause by the OxyContin overdose are ultimately life threatening because they will either lead to heart failure or severe neurological damage.

The signs to look for when witnessing or experiencing an OxyContin overdose include slowed uneven heart rate, pain in the chest, deficiency in usual muscle tone, and constricted pupils. If you witness or experience any of these symptoms it is imperative that you call 911 and receive medical attention immediately.

The treatment to an OxyContin addiction begins with a full body detox to flush the drug out of the addicts system. While the patient is undergoing the detox it is important to administer nutritional support because their body needs as many vitamins and nutrients it can possibly absorb in order to have a rapid healthy recovery. Sometimes the withdrawal off of an opioid can be so severe that it will require additional medical attention based off of the symptoms that present themselves throughout the process.

Here at Sprout Health California we offer Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) programs that will guide the recovering addict to understanding the fundamentals of opioid addictions and how this addiction deteriorates the mind and body as a whole. Sprout Health California puts an emphasis on the importance of family involvement when dealing with recovering from a drug addiction. The treatment for an addiction to OxyContin becomes even more successful because the recovering addict does not have to face it alone, they will be surrounded by a support group that will encourage them to stay on the right path. Once the recovering addict leaves the clinic, it will be the responsibility of the family to monitor their wellbeing and to keep the recovering addict on the right track.

At Sprout Health California, we make it our mission to educate our patients on how to positively manage their stress and their addiction. Our highly certified staff will show them what triggers their addictive behaviors and how to appropriately avoid them in a beneficial way. We offer long term support for those who have co-occurring conditions that require extra attention.

Sprout Health California firmly believes that just because you may have fallen into an addiction you still are important and that you can better yourself and that you can once again participate in a normal healthy life.

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