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Percocet Addiction Treatment

Sprout Health California is dedicated to supplying their patients with all the education, tools, and skills needed to maintain a happy healthy sober lifestyle

Percocet is by far one the furthest most abused opioid prescriptions. Percocet is essentially a brand of oxycodone that was produced with supplementary doses of acetaminophen. Acetaminophens contain properties that both reduce fever and minimize pain. These properties make Percocet an ideal solution to individuals who suffer from flu-like symptoms due to the soreness felt in the muscles that accompany a high fever. Although Percocet may sound like a harmless prescription it is an opioid and it is important to keep in mind that opioids are extremely addictive.

Opioids produce the similar effects of drugs like morphine, codeine, and heroin. The major difference between those drugs and Percocet is that the drugs listed are all natural transpiring drugs as to where Percocet is highly synthetic. Despite the fact that Percocet is highly synthetic, it is still extremely effective when administered to resolve issues like severe bodily pain and migraines. This opens the door for an addiction to transpire because everyday millions of Americans consume prescribed Percocet because they do suffer from these ailments. Unfortunately, over time they will become dependent on the drug just to feel ordinary again. It is extremely interesting because the United States only makes up five percent of the entire planet’s population, but this five percent consumes over seventy five percent of the prescription drugs on the planet. Of that seventy five percent, fifty percent of it is accounted as a synthetic opioid.

Percocet is dangerous because it suppresses the normal functions of the central nervous system. Of the central nervous system, Percocet negatively impacts the respiratory system the greatest. Percocet is so effective because it modifies the way the mind translates the pain signals it receives. Not only does Percocet modify the consumer’s mind but it also stimulates opiate receptors all over the body including the spinal cord and the gastrointestinal tract. By stimulating the receptors in these regions of the body the abuse will often feel side effects of tiredness, cloudiness, sudden onset confusion, touchiness, nausea, irritable bowels, and even constipation. The side effects listed previously are merely the trivial result of Percocet use. Once Percocet is repeatedly consumed in a manner that was not prescribed by a doctor then the more serious side effect will start emerging.

The majority of Percocet abusers do not abuse due to severe pain. They abuse Percocet because they enjoy the feelings of complete bliss and elation that come with the high. Percocet highs are very brief. These brief intervals of euphoria initiate an insatiable desire to pop another pill in order to maintain a steady high. Some abusers continue administering the drug in order the escape the nasty withdrawal symptoms. Percocet addicts administer the drug in a variety of ways. They crush up the pill and will either smoke it or inject it once it has been complete diluted. These methods of consumption allow the drug to enter the bloodstream and stimulate the opiate receptors much faster than the usual oral route. These methods also inadvertently accelerate the abuser’s mental and physical dependency to the drug.

The cornerstone of managing a Percocet addiction is education. Before even beginning education, it is imperative the addict gets completely detoxed of the drug in their system. The purpose of the detox is to properly prepare the addict for the principal treatment process.

Sometimes the addiction is so severe that a drug called Naloxone will be administered to counteract the withdrawal effects of the Percocet. It is significant to also ensure that the recovering addict receives the appropriate nutritional support while enduring the rehabilitation process because receiving indispensable nutrients will allow the body to heal at more rapid rate.

Percocet Treatment CBTOnce the body is cleansed it becomes time to move on to the patient’s mind. Here at Sprout Health California we offer Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) programs that will guide the recovering addict to understanding the fundamentals of opioid addictions and how this addiction deteriorates the mind and body as a whole. Sprout Health California puts an emphasis on the importance of family involvement when dealing with recovering from a drug addiction. The treatment for an addiction to Percocet becomes even more successful because the recovering addict does not have to face it alone, they will be surrounded by a support group that will encourage them to stay on the right path. Once the recovering addict leaves the clinic, it will be the responsibility of the family to monitor their wellbeing and to keep the recovering addict on the square.

One of the central underlying causes of a Percocet addiction is that the abuser never really felt tranquil and content with their life. At Sprout Health California the individual will get to participate in various meditation therapies that will help them appreciate the beauty of the simplicity life can offer. They will be educated on how to manage stress and how to deal with physical pain without the use of drugs in order to maintain their sobriety.

Sprout Health California is dedicated to supplying their patients with all the education, tools, and skills needed to maintain a happy healthy sober lifestyle. We offer rehabilitation programs that are personalized to meet the exact needs of each of our patients. We dedicate ourselves to guide you through the recovery process from the day you enroll to the day you are confidently sober.

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