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Medication Use Problems? A Prescription Drugs Rehab Center Offers Solutions

Prescription Drugs Rehab CenterLife can be stressful. Considering that the world moves at such an alarming pace, it is no small wonder that people are suffering from all kind of stresses and physical injuries. When doctors prescribe prescription medications, it is with the belief and hope they will not be abused. They are intended only for patient treatment benefits. As such, they pose no threats of addiction or abuse. However, there are those times when a harmless drug will act on the brain in ways that can lead a person down the road to substance abuse, and eventual addiction if the problem is not arrested in time.

The Alarming Trends of Painkiller Abuse

It may come as no surprise the number of deaths resulting from prescription overdose is actually higher compared to deaths relating to street drug overdose from drugs like crystal meth, and heroine etc. This is likely because people trust medications that are prescribed by medical professionals. More and more, people are overdosing from opioids. More often, you will hear of famous people who have allowed their addiction to get out of control.

There are a number of reasons. Sometimes, people feel ashamed and try to mask their condition until it is out of control. Women, may feel they will be scrutinized and judged in a different way than men. Some people may feel. Whatever the reason for being addicted, and not seeking help, the outcomes are predictable. Lives are changed, relationships can be destroyed. Friendships can fall by the way, family relationships can be strained to the breaking point, and positive social circles can all but disappear.

Another element that makes prescription drugs so addictive-prone is they are readily available. Many such medications can be obtained from friends or relatives who may have valid reason for taking their medications. In retrospect, the issue is not really that a prescription drug has been improperly prescribed. Doctors are professionals at what they do. Drugs are safe when prescribed and taken as prescribed. Many people consume them in a rush and mix in other substances. As such, medications will reach the bloodstream much faster than if taken alone.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Painkiller Medication Abuse

Prescription Drugs Rehab Center 2Symptoms will of course depend on the prescription drug, its use, and the health of an individual. There are drugs that suppress the nervous system, like benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and tranquilizes that can slow down a person’s heart rate. This can be dangerous, and lead to strokes, heart attacks, comas, and obvious sleep disorders.

Then, there are those prescription opioids that can have a heroin-like effect on an individual. People who abuse these will often turn to heroin, which has the same effects. Consider states in America that now high rates of heroin use that started with opioid prescriptions. Such medications pose the highest risk of overdose.

Substance Abuse Rehab Centers Offer a Solution

Treatment always starts with a thorough assessment, followed by detox programs. Otherwise, it would be impossible to understand the patient’s needs, and then prescribe the right type of detox methods. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an extremely effective tool that helps the patient to identify and solve problems. It also helps the patient to develop positive thinking habits and skills. They need to feel good about themselves again. Raising their self-esteem is critically important for the healing process to take root. Detox can be a challenging process for individuals, and why we are there with them at every step along the way.

Once detox is well under way, individuals can work on coming to terms with their addiction; what caused it, and how they can work toward become drug-free. Maladaptive thinking is arrested and destructive behaviors are dealt with accordingly. We can work with a person in individual therapy, and in group sessions if they agree. We can also bring friends and family members into a therapy session, with the client’s approval of course.

The Important Role of Education

At Sprout Health California, we thoroughly understand the value of educating everyone within the patient’s circle of influence. Prescription drugs, when used properly, can add value to a person’s life. When abused, their life can take a nose dive and everyone is affected in a negative fashion. We believe that hope is never lost, and that a solution is available to fit each person’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we care and provide treatments for clients. Substance abuse rehab works.

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