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At Sprout Health California, our drug addiction treatment programs can help you and your loved ones get your lives back on track.

Everyone close to the addict is affected by the addiction. This includes friends, family members, relatives, and business associates. Usually, the addict is the last to admit his or her problem, and it puts a tremendous strain on relationships. Families and friends may also not be aware that they actually need help in recovering from that person’s addiction.

Getting Your Life Back on Track

Our staff members are completely supportive and knowledgeable, and the offer a number of resources to help expedite your recovery. We give dedication, and we ask for our clients to give it back. When you become resident for rehab, we even allow you to leave when you choose. There is no pressure—only our commitment to help you lead a life free of drug or alcohol dependency. However, we always advise against anyone leaving their program early.

RehabFirst, we help you to uncover the underlying issues of what caused you to become addicted in the first place. Was there trauma in your past life? Was there abuse? Did you become codependent for someone else? Were you on painkiller drugs and the situation got out of hand? Whatever the reason, we have the facilities and drug addiction treatment plans to help you get things turned around. Our assessments will be help determine if you need detox and if there are any underlying mental issues that need addressing.

Our alcohol rehab facilities also apply the same methods of therapy and support. Regardless of your condition, we can put together a plan that will start you back down the path to full recovery.

Program Lengths Vary

Drug and alcohol programs vary in length, depending on the client’s level of addiction. Some detox programs may last as little as several days, while other programs can last a lifetime. A general way of looking at it is that will take as long as it takes. Each person is different, and the path that led them to addiction, and then to our door, is unique to their own experiences. Some addicts only need family members to help point out their addictive behaviors. Others, may need a year of living in a special residential facility.

Whatever your need, we have the resources and personnel to make sure you get the treatments you need to get on with living. Your detox will be closely monitored by medical professionals. We will be there for as long as it takes for drugs or alcohol to leave your body. We know how uncomfortable withdrawal can be for patients.

Call and set an appointment. We can do a thorough assessment and tailor a treatment plan especially for you.

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