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We approach addiction treatment for adolescents as we would any client.

Addiction Treatment for AdolescentsAddiction can find anyone who abuses alcohol or drugs. For many, the process starts out as substance abuse behavior. Then, somewhere down the line, it turns into an addiction. It can strike adults, both men and women, and it can certain cripple adolescents who are struggling to find their own identities. For adolescents, it is indeed a challenging time.

These are young people who feel they want to be treated as adults. The decision they are making to experiment drugs, alcohol, or painkillers are the same decision that so-called responsible adults have made. The reasoning being that if it is difficult for adults, it is certainly difficult for adolescents who are still learning and growing into adults. They are still struggling to find their identity, to fit it. The reality is that many adults are still experiencing the very same challenges.

Addiction, Adolescents, and vulnerability

Many psychologies who study addition and adolescents, are particularly vulnerable to the irrational decisions they make. They struggle for freedom and independence, yet they are still at a stage where they reject adult responsibilities and accountability. They, literally, are trapped between two worlds.

The medical community thinks this contradiction may be due to how the human brain, frontal cortex, develops in humans. It is the part of the brain the governs how we rationalize and respond, it governs the ability to think critically, solve problems, and to make decisions. Few people realize that this part of the brain will not reach full maturity until a person’s 25th year. There are many parents who will read this fact and have an “aha” moment.

Unfortunately, adolescents miss the opportunity to make fully rational decisions, and compound their lives by making mistakes. Some, make mistake after mistake. They simply have not lived long enough in two decades to develop the kind of coping mechanisms that allow them to deal with life’s stresses.

Their emotional reservoir, rational emotions, may also be strained and tapped by development of their secondary sex characteristics. Hormones are flying at this stage and tapping into rational energy reserves. Then, there is that tour de force called peer pressure. Even adults are subject to it. So it must be doubly difficult for kids who are trying to establish their identities. Parents pray their children will not succumb to peer pressure.

Everyone wants to belong to a group. You just have to hope that it is the right group.

How We Care About Addicted Adolescents at Sprout

We approach addiction treatment for adolescents as we would any client. However, we know that teenagers have not yet developed a rational mindset, so we adjust our treatment methods for the most effective results. Our purpose in this approach is to help the adolescent understand they are still maturing and developing their own personality. We also know there will be many who are combative at this stage. It is a challenge, because many teens will resent their parents for the help they are trying to give. Some families find this to be most difficult, because they cannot understand where their child is coming from.

We can work to facilitate an open discussion with the adolescent and their family. We will help iron out family issues, because we know that a strong family is the key to healing all the way round. We also work with the family and counsel each member on how to communicate with their adolescent. It also encourages families to care for those they love.

Understanding Youth

It takes a lot to understand youth, especially in today’s world. American youth march to a beat all their own. That being the case, our treatment professionals are licensed, and certified to care for their developmental needs at this stage. Therefore, our plans are created to fit each individual. We do not apply a blanket approach, and the methods we use are in step with the best practices available. We instill the belief that life will be rosier for our clients going forward. Then we give them the tools and support to make the claim a reality.

Addiction Treatment for AdolescentsSince their brain is still developing, drug abuse can have a long-term effect on teens. This is why it is important to get them into treatment as early as possible.

It may be a surprise, but half of all new drug users are under the age of 18. For them, it is all about experimentation. However, it is important for parents to know that just because their teen has experimented with drugs or alcohol, it does not mean they are on the road to become addicts.

Do not let your loved one, a friend, or yourself go too far down the road before getting help for an addiction. Call us today and schedule an appointment. Ask us about our rehab programs for young adults. Teen drug treatment works.

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