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Disabilities and Rehab

At Sprout Health California, we do not turn away patients.

When individuals have to deal with learning disabilities, there are a lot of thing beyond the disability they must contend with. First, there is the social stigma along with the normal pressures of everyday life. Those normal pressures to anyone else are manageable. When these pressures starting mounting, it is easy for an individual to start relying on substances to get them through their difficult times. Quite often, they are looking for a mind-numbing effect to block out the pain and hurt. Learning disabilities and rehab have something in common.

The Effect of Learning Disabilities

Disabilities And RehabIt may be difficult enough to think under normal circumstances for a person with learning disabilities. However, when that is compounded with alcohol or drug use, it can send an addicted person into a tail spin where medical intervention becomes the only cure. A learning disability may also distort information received by the brain with respect to sight, touch, sound, and smell.

The person’s speech patterns may be off, but appear normal to them. Difficulty in reading can take on a whole new level. Writing become a challenge. Learning new things becomes almost impossible. As far as relationships, they become non-existent. Inter-personal relationships are impossible to form. In short, there is every blockage in a person’s life to cause them to develop low self-esteem.

Learning disabilities are widespread in the US. There may be roughly 41% of all students who have some type of learning block.

Learning Disabilities as Related to Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, those with learning disabilities are forced to perform at, or near, levels of a normal person. Society moves fast, and seems to wait for no one. When these people underperform, as their disability will force them to, they may be subject to bullying from people ignorant of the difficulties. This bullying and low self-esteem are often followed up by substance abuse, which further complicates their ability to cope.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Children suffering from this condition are also prone to substance abuse. ADHD is not a learning disorder per say, but it prevents a person from being able to focus on certain tasks. Their thoughts are scrambled and disorganized. Their behavior is impulsive. Easily distracted, it is difficult for them to follow even the simplest of rules. Of course, these symptoms lead to learning disabilities as well.

The drugs used to treat ADHD are Concerta, Adderall, and Ritalin. If a person takes these from childhood to adult age, their chances of become addicted increases.

Sprout Health California Treatments

While we do not actually treat learning disabilities, we do not turn our back of those in need. We step in when substance abuse becomes an apparent issue. Learning disabilities and substance abuse are closely related. As such, we have the skilled personnel and treatment facilities that can diagnose and treat substance abuse. Our practices are based on tried and proven clinical practices.

Disabilities And Rehab 2As such, we are acutely aware of what works and what does not. Each person requires an individual approach. Our team of licensed therapists and certified professionals can manage a dual diagnosis. Dual problems exist when mental problems combine with substance abuse. Both disorders have to identified and treated if the patient is to begin recovery.

Our goal, as an inpatient rehab center, is to treat the patient in such a way that they begin to find meaning in life. When a person has meaning, they are able to draw from strength from this to help the along the road to recovery.

Working with Friends and Family Members

We also work with friends and family members. While they may not suffer to the same degree as an addicted person, life can be challenging and stressful for them as well. All of our treatments are provided in a non-threatening environment where the patient feels safe. One of the things we want to foster is that our clients feel accepted.

Our patients’ recovery is why we exist, and we take our mission seriously. If you or a loved one struggle with a learning disability, and substance abuse is taking control of your life. Call today and schedule an appointment. We can help. Ask us about our inpatient drug rehab programs.

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