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Drug Rehab Treatment for Men

Rehab for men and women is available. However, studies consistently show that men are in need of rehab treatment at higher rates than women. There are a number of reasons worth examining.

Do Societal Roles Make a Difference?

Rehab Treatment for MenUnfortunately, this is the case. Men, generally, have always been expected to be the main bread winners. However, that is changing. As these numbers change, you are likely to see more women checking into rehab. Pressure to perform cause both men and women to fall prey to psychological and emotional pressure. Factors, such as the need to feel macho may place men in greater dangers of being stressed out, and turning to substances to relieve the pressure. Then, there is that ancient thing called peer pressure. Some men abuse alcohol or other substances just to appear cool to the world. Overtime time, substance abuse can become an addiction.

Men Face Different Influences

A study of addiction reveals that addiction is rooted in the urge to achieve a feeling of completeness, of being a whole person. As such, gender roles create a wide range of social pressures that both men and women fall prey to. The wrong type of expectations can cause great harm mentally and physically. As men are expected to contain their emotions under pressure, they are robbed of being able to express themselves as they really feel. This in turn can lead to depression and a state of high anxiety. They try to makes their anxieties with either liquor or drugs.

Men also have a tendency to externalize their emotions, which can lead to violence and aggressive behaviors. Substance abuse can make these aggressive behaviors that much worse. Being naturally macho, experimenting with drugs is the logical next step in their mind. Recreational drug use is simply seen as hanging out the with the fellas.

Men and Women Metabolize Differently

There are enough medical studies to show that men and women metabolize drugs differently. On a biological level, men have fewer levels of estrogen than women. Thus, the would need higher levels of alcohol to reach the same levels of “high” as a woman. This, along with the fact that men typically have a greater body mass than women, means that men will drink more to reach the same level of intoxication as that of a woman.

Men also have less fatty tissue than women. The body will store drugs in fatty tissue, meaning that women will take longer to get intoxicated. Men, on the other hand, store less in fatty tissue, and will feel the effects of drugs or liquor for a shorter time then women. Then, they are ready for the next filling when their high wears off.

Men’s Rehab Treatment at Sprout Health California

While we do not have a gender-based treatment for men that is different for women, we do take into consideration a person’s life and the above factors mentioned. Our mission is to make sure that we leave no stone unturned. As such, we will leave no diagnostic test off the table that can give us the information need to help design a treatment plan that is highly personal and individualized for each client.

In offering psychological support, we realize that it may take longer for some men to open up. People no doubt realize the nature of men is to be less verbal with their inner feelings and thoughts. No worries. Our licensed and qualified team of counselors and supporters are there for you to assist in whatever way they can. We treat people in a way that is non-condescending. We are also very private in our treatments and will include only those people that our client gives us permission to include. We know how help helpful family and friends can be in the process. We also know that people close to the addicted person can provide negative input if they are not careful.

Share Your Experiences

We provide individualized counseling, and we will also allow you to share your personal experience with other rehab attendees if you wish. We have found that strong bonds are created when people understand there are others in their group who can offer support simply by being there.

At Sprout Health California, we have the facilities that can provide effective alcoholism treatment for men that can help them start back down the road to recovery. If you or a loved one suffers from substance abuse or alcohol addiction, we have the answer. Connect with us today to learn more about our programs.

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