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Drug Rehab Treatment for Women

At Sprout Health California, we are no strangers to the double standards in society that women often have to deal with.

There are millions of women who require the need for rehab and substance abuse treatment in the US. There are also a large number of women who need treatment, but fail to receive it. About 18% of these women die each year for drug-abuse related conditions. Like men, there are a number of reasons why women succumb to drug and alcohol addiction: roles they play in society, gender-based roles, and physiological differences than men.

Why Do Women Get Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

There is a theory, which may hold true, in many instances. Women produce estrogen in large quantities. How estrogen works on certain drugs may offer a startling clue. It is found that changes in estrogen levels have an effect on amphetamine and cocaine. When estrogen levels are lower, women drinking or taking drugs experience immediate gratification.

Other factors that play into how women can become addicted include a smaller body mass as compared to men. They also have more body fat compared to the leaner bodies of men. Drugs and alcohol can be stored in fat, which allows for a different level of release later on. They can drink longer before the alcohol shows up as high levels in their bloodstream. This makes them more privy to the dangers for drinking longer spans than men. Their metabolic rate, the rate at which their body absorbs substances, are slower on the average than for men.

A Woman’s Role in Society

Women have different societal roles and expectations than men. The world likes, and many woman as well, that they are more passive than men and are prone to take less risks. In reality, this may not be true. If a woman works in the corporate world, admitting an addiction may be committing the equivalent of professional suicide. It simply remains a fact that the world is more tolerant of male executives who abuse liquor or drugs. If women have an addiction, they are more prone to feel shame and guilt.

So it is not difficult what women man face when making the decision to seek treatment for their addiction. They face the risk as being seen as irresponsible and negligent toward their family’s needs. These are just several examples. If women are to get the help they need, everyone is going to have to arrive at a different way of looking at the situation. Such an omission, and the consequences that follow, may lead a woman into greater feelings of guilt, followed by a lowering of self-esteem, and exasperating the addiction. In short, it can become a vicious circle.

Understanding Women’s Drug Rehab

Rehab Treatment for WomenWomen alcohol rehab and substance abuse treatment is no different than that offered for men. What some may see as a different approach is simply our acknowledgement that there are differences that may drive a woman or man to addictive behavior patterns. In reality, no two treatments are the same. Each person is unique and we take that into consideration in our approach.

At Sprout Health California, we are no strangers to the double standards in society that women often have to deal with. As such, we make sure our treatment programs are non-judgmental and that they place our women clients in a complete comfort zone.

Our therapies and treatments focus on the present and future, and not dwelling on the past. Our therapists are qualified and committed to helping their client understand how their thoughts have shaped their present thinking. We will take a look at what you have already tried, and offer changes or solutions to help make it work. Our comprehensive assessments can reveal if there are subsequent health problems that might be contributing to your addiction. Another one of our missions is to make sure that you achieve your program goals.

Additional Therapies That Can Be Provided

Cognitive therapies branch off into such therapies as equine therapy, art therapy, certain meditations, and yoga. We will do everything in our power to help you get to a state of wellness. We also provide a comprehensive follow up regimen to help you avoid relapse. We simply encourage you or a loved one to call us and schedule an appointment. We are anxious to tell you all about our programs and therapies.

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