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Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

At present, residential rehab facilities offer patients the best chance of getting quality care and long-term support.

Columbia University conducted a study that reveals there are at least 40 million Americans, age 12 and over, that meet the criteria for a person who is addicted to nicotine, drugs, or alcohol. This largely outpaces the number of people suffering from diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. When you consider that 80 million Americans are considered “risky users,” you realize that America is in trouble.

More people died in 2010 that the combined death of vehicle accidents, suicides, and murders. Now, deaths from opioids, and heroin are among the fastest growing drug problems facing the country. This is throughout the country, and not is not just an urban problem. However, it never was. These stats simply did not make the news.

People Are Living a Fast Pace

People are on the move with little time to relax or slow down, and there is no sign of anything changing anytime soon. The more technology is meant to help, the more it seems to snare people in a never ending cycle or “learn,” “re-learn,” and apply. All of this creates stress in people’s lives. These are the adults. Adolescents, emerging adults, have little clue to what tomorrow’s world will bring. They are under tremendous stress as well. When people are under stress, they often abuse alcohol and drugs to cope. When they cross the line and their use is out of control, it becomes an addiction.

What an Inpatient Rehab Center Offers

When a person’s life is spinning out of control, the last step is often a substance abuse treatment center, like those offered by Sprout Health California. We can provide a number of ways to treat a client, depending of course on the severity of their addiction, and mental and physical condition. At present, residential rehab facilities offer patients the best chance of getting quality care and long-term support. Our facilities, for example, are staffed with caring, qualified, and professional health practitioners with years of experience.

We believe that our clients need three essential things for a success recover: their exposure to abuse temptations must be eliminated or minimized, their access to addicting substances must be addressed, they need to have an individualized plan to overcome their addiction. These three elements allow our clients to focus on achieving their goals. It is not easy. An addicted person may very well have altered the chemistry of their mind to a point where rational thinking is difficult. They may also have damaged relationships they need to depend on for support. We have been there and seen it all. We make thorough assessments to determine if there are mental problems contributing to their addictions. We like to leave no stone unturned.

If you or a loved one is looking for inpatient drug rehab centers, or inpatient alcohol rehab centers, we have the perfect treatment solutions for you. Contact us today and schedule a consultation. We can help.

Handling Withdrawals

We brace patients to the fact that withdrawal can be a painful process. This of course depends on what caused the addiction, and what our client is addicted to. He or she has to be willing to give treatment a try, then follow through on their doctor’s orders to the letter.

Our goal is for our clients to return to the world ready to hit the ground running. This means returning full steam and motivate to their job, family members, and friends. The treatment programs for women and men are the same, with of course a tweak to make sure a man or woman’s treatment fits their exact needs. If we can help our patients identify and correct their maladaptive thinking patterns and behaviors, we know they can be well on their way to recovery in a matter of time. They can learn to cope with stresses without having to turn to illicit drugs or alcohol.

Our Blogs and Articles

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