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What is Rehab

At Sprout Health California, we are so careful to make sure our clients have a thorough understanding of what has caused their addiction.

rehabilitationRehab, short for rehabilitation, describes any drug or alcohol treatment program that offers assistance in a residential setting. Clients can expect to find programs that are intense, and designed to help the client break free of an addictive lifestyle. Drug-free is the goal of any reputable detox treatment program.

Mental rehabilitation centers offer a range of choices. The more tradition treatment models will try and place the client in an environment that removes them from a toxic environment away from temptation, and allows them to focus on getting well. Programs may also provide links to local services that can help keep the patient on track and free from relapse.

Lifestyle Changes

Recovery from addiction requires a positive, mindful lifestyle change. Success is largely rooted in a person’s own desire to change. It can come from nowhere else. A person has to realize they have made bad choices, and that future choices can be made with a better understanding that behavior comes at a price, good or bad. No doubt, it is a challenge. This is why, at Sprout Health California, we are so careful to make sure our clients have a thorough understanding of what has caused their addiction, what can trigger it, and how they can beat it. Thus, we provide the treatments, programs, knowledge, and support systems that can help a person get their life back on track.

We also endeavor to learn everything we can about an individual in our care. Are there any past traumas, health issues, or present challenges that are pressing the individual to abuse drugs or alcohol? Once we have nailed down the issues, we can design a treatment program, whether inpatient or outpatient, to help our client toward a speedy recovery. Our goal is for each patient is that they experience lasting recovery.

How We Approach Rehab

Rehab should never seem like a lonely road where you are all alone. At Sprout Health California, our licensed therapists and dedicated professionals are here to assist you at every step along the way. We have been at this a long time, and we know the challenges that each person faces. Male, female, or adolescent, there are addictions that we can help cure. We want you to know we are here to help you through hard times.

They may be challenging. Detox can be one of most difficult phases to get through. Depending on your level of addiction, chemicals may have altered how you perceive things in life. Or, you may have physical element that contributed to your addiction. Sometimes, people have been prescribed painkiller for a legitimate condition. After time, they come to rely on these medications, and abuse crosses the line to become an addiction.

Contact Sprout Health California today and get more information about our programs and how we can help you through your difficult times. We have the solutions.

Preparing for Detox

Our residential programs for substance abuse start with detoxification. There, you receive both mental and physical support as needed. Going without the addictive substance can be a challenging time for many patients. The withdrawal symptoms have to be properly managed, otherwise, there is a possibility the individual might return to using drugs and other substances.

This is another reason why we provide such comprehensive support that is nutritional, natural, and psychological in nature. We see these as necessary steps toward full rehabilitation.

Examining Triggers

In our main phase of substance abuse rehab, we assist clients in examining the triggers that contributed to their addiction problems to begin with. When an individual can nail this down through cognitive therapy sessions, they are taking the first steps on the road to recovery.

Contact Sprout Health California today and get more information about our programs and how we can help you through your difficult times. We have the solutions. We are a premier mental health treatment center that individuals can trust.

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