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Treatment Elements

At Sprout Health Group, we have created and adhere to three core elements in our addiction treatment programs. Each element helps us to ensure that our clients will be more successful in getting sober, and living healthier lives.

Many contributing elements determine an individual’s success at an addiction treatment program. The biggest factor being, the willingness of the individual to follow the program inside and outside of the treatment facility. There are various areas of difficulty that come along with accepting a program, many of which are caused by substance abuse. Individuals willingness to follow along with treatment typically depend on the nature of the substance abused, the length of abuse, and the quantity used.


Comprehensive assessment is the key factor in all of Sprout’s addiction treatment programs. Correct analysis of each individual provides our expert clinicians with the information needed to properly begin treatment. It’s vitally important to accurately assess each individually in order to come up with an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan. The first assessment taken is typically the health history, in which, individuals fill out a self-assessment checklist disclosing past illnesses. Other portions of the assessments entail participating in a comprehensive medical evaluation that inspects the individual’s physical body, psychiatric evaluations, and a series of laboratory diagnostic tests. Additional cognitive and pharmacogenetic tests may also be run to evaluate the individual’s thought process and the assure the most suitable types of treatment for the individual. Toxicology tests may also be utilized to aid assessments by determining if toxins are present, the type of toxins present, and the quantity of toxins present.

The physical evaluation is typically the second assessment performed. It is a head to toe exam that allows our clinicians to treat any wounds, or bruises that may be present. Other valuable information received from these assessments include

After the initial assessments, our clinicians begin the hard work of crafting the individual treatment plan that the participant will receive. Throughout the treatment the individual will continually be monitored and the treatment will be re-assessed depending on the progress the individual makes. If it is noted that the individual is making good progress towards recovery and the plan seems to be working, the course of treatment will not have to deviate. If it determined that there are symptoms that are not being treated, or the individual is not responsive to treatment the treatment play will be changed. Constant evaluation is critical, it helps to reassure that the individual is always receiving the right treatments, and all of their symptoms are being addressed.

Therapeutic Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the fundamental modality for treatment in all of Sprout’s recovery programs. It is vital in highlighting an individual’s unhealthy thinking patterns, and realigns the way they deal with situations. Because it is problem focused and action oriented, CBT helps to segment issues, and helps individuals from becoming overwhelmed. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy does so by making the individual practice rational thought, teaching them to think independently from stimuli, and causing them to be aware of the implications of their actions. Though Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the best tools to use to help an individual get their life on track, there are many more therapies that compliment it, making the process of treatment more meaningful.

Some of the many other therapies Sprout treatment facilities employ to supplement Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are: Cognitive Retraining, Mindfulness Therapy, Brain Wellness Program, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Psychoeducational Groups, Solution-focused Brief Therapy, and Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT). Solution focused therapy is a highly utilized modality because it helps individuals to think positively. It retrains them to focus their attention on creating a better outcome, or solving a problem, versus spending their time thinking negatively and overwhelming themselves. BSFT focuses on family interactions, because they are the most prominent and influential forces on an individual’s life. It retrains the family how to interact with each other, and how attribute the individual’s actions the situation at hand, and not drudge up and intertwine emotions from the past. Each therapy has a set of symptoms that is best suited to help, and when used in combination, these therapies aid individuals by giving them the best chance for a full recovery.

Experiential Therapies

We firmly believe in the use of complementary therapies, so in Sprout Health Group, we make sure to find the best Experiential therapies to pair with mainstream therapeutic modalities. Most experiential therapies focus on longevity, creating a peaceful environment, and uncovering subconscious issues. The purpose of them is to have the individual focused and relaxed, allowing them to better deal with issues after finishing treatment and experiencing therapeutic modalities. Experiential therapies also help individuals to re-learn emotions and that have been covered by their addiction. In revealing the subconscious issues and re-learning emotions individuals become better equipped to handle situations in the future, and to experience the proper emotions in these situations.

Some of the major forms of experiential Therapy that our facilities provide are; Family Therapy, Yoga and meditation, Neurofeedback, Equine Therapy, and Group Therapy. All are guided by guided by our skilled clinicians and therapists. Equine therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes horses in therapy, and helps to disarm participants fear of dealing with their problems. In dealing with these animals, feeding them, grooming them, and in general learning how to take care of them, individual’s also learn how to do these tasks for themselves. Along with re-learning normal skills, taking care of theses animals releases natural endorphins into the brains, allowing the individual to feel good about themselves and the situation.

When properly combined with other forms of therapy, these experiential therapies have the ability to bring hidden issues to the surface and help the individuals neutralize the damage they have done. These specific experiential therapies were selected because they have proven to be the most effective at creating awareness in an individual, and serve as a long lasting solution.

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