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Brain Wellness

Sprout Health California offers an effective Brain Wellness Program to help people who have mental illnesses learn how to cope with their situation.

Brain WellnessThe human brain is the most powerful organ in the body. Within the many nerves and lobes of the brain are the centers for control across the body. Everything from vision to heart rate and bodily movement are controlled by the brain. Even thought and memory are all controlled from the brain. Without the brain, the body would cease to properly function and eventually die. That is why brain health is so vital to living a full and healthy life. Only individuals who lack the necessary brain health to enjoy their lives are required to undergo proper brain evaluation and treatment for any underlying disorders or issues. A healthy brain free of mental and emotional problems is sure to help others live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Sadly, the brain can fall victim to injury, damage, and harm. Dependencies on alcohol, drugs, chemicals, and substances can all damage the brain. This results in emotional and mental problems that do not go away on their own and instead worsen with time. Fortunately, there are ways to heal the brain and help treat mental problems and emotional issues through precise medical care and brain healing.

Sprout Health California helps those with substance abuse problems heal and improve their brain so that they become more resilient to their substance cravings.

Cognitive Health

Our staff is trained at evaluating cognitive health through precise scientific methods. We allow our members to undergo careful procedures that monitor their brain waves, neurofeedback, and analyze electroencephalogram results.

Food for the Brain

Through proper nutrition, the brain can heal and improve itself. Staff and nutritionists on hand help patients learn the importance of nutrition in not only their physical health but also their emotional and mental health as well. The importance of vitamins in health and wellness will also be discussed so that people of all particular dietary needs or preferences are able to obtain maximum brain health.

Sleep and Rest

The brain requires sleep in order to properly function. A fully rested brain is not only more healthy but has more energy and focus during daily activities. This is why individuals who suffer from mental and emotional disorders tend to have difficulty sleeping. Learning the value of sleep is one part of treatment as is getting the necessary sleep the body and brain need to function properly.

When fully rested, the brain is capable of being incredibly focused, determined, and powerful.

Physical Activity

Numerous research studies have found that physical activity is linked to improved emotional and mental wellbeing. A healthy body is clearly linked to a healthy mind. For this reason, individuals seeking to improve their health should look to physical activity. Able bodied individuals have numerous sports and recreational activities that can be performed indoors and outdoors as well. These activities allow them to exercise and improve their hormones through physical exertion. In time, individuals will learn that brain wellness is only improved with regular physical activity that is both nourishing and enjoyable.

Healthy Relationships

The staff at Sprout Health California is friendly, courteous, and kind to all patients and individuals seeking treatment. However, clinicians train and teach individuals the importance of healthy relationships in life and among others they will be spending time with outside of Sprout Health California.

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