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Cognitive Retraining

Sprout Health California has proudly helped many individuals learn the importance of cognitive retraining so that they can live happy, fulfilling, and enjoyable lives while being sober.

By using cognitive retraining, individuals will be able to change their thinking patterns and reactions within the real world. This will allow individuals to cope with stressful situations or situations in which stimuli can cause them difficulties.

Goal of Cognitive Retraining

Cognitive RetrainingDuring a sickness, such as substance addiction and mental illness, individuals often find themselves needing cognitive retraining. The ultimate goal of this retraining is to help individuals move from being unable to have proper cognition onto being able to effectively and efficiently change their brain wave patterns and thinking processes.

Cognitive retraining helps individuals learn the proper way to respond to emotional and mental triggers brought about by different stimuli and thoughts. This allows individuals to correct themselves and improve their ability to function at the workplace, in social settings, and amongst general society in their communities. Once individuals are able to control their own thoughts, they will be in a better position to control their own lives.

How does it Work?

Cognitive retraining works by changing the manner in which a person responds to a situation. Instead of using negative emotions to respond with anger, frustration, and stress, individuals learn to be calm, understand how they are feeling, and realize that they are in control of their own emotions. Cognitive retraining may take months or weeks but the benefits last a lifetime.

During Cognitive Retraining, individuals are matched with staff who can help them learn about different ways to respond to external stimuli and emotions. Clinicians will show individuals just how they can change their thoughts and thought patterns so that they don’t end up ruining their lives. Our staff is capable of guiding individuals in the right way to think and the right thoughts to have that don’t lead to addiction, self-harm, substance abuse, or emotional outbursts.

Cognitive Functions Retrained

Once cognitive retraining has been completed, there are a number of benefits that patients and individuals can enjoy. These benefits are the end result of months and weeks of arduous training and learning. When completed, individuals will be better able to enjoy the benefits of cognitive training without any of the problems that plagued them in the past or the issues that they will face should they relapse.

Our goal at Sprout Health California is to ensure that individuals gain a better understanding of their ability to improve their lives even after addiction treatment and cognitive retraining therapy have been completed.

Increased attention span for better focus and attentiveness is one of the best results that come from cognitive retraining.

Better memory for easier recall and workplace performance is another welcome result many individuals enjoy after cognitive retraining.

Easier organizational skills for getting one’s life back on track also allows individuals to improve their quality of life.

Improved logic for handling difficult situations and problem-solving in life is a great tool to have in the workplace.

Reduced indecisiveness and irrationality are also a benefit of cognitive retraining so that individuals develop fewer emotional responses to situations and a greater focus on improving one’s own life.

Cognitive retraining also leads to better discipline and restraint for increasing an individual’s ability to achieve goals in their life and controlling their reactions to life’s events.

At the conclusion of cognitive retraining, individuals will be in a position to excel and improve their lives by knowing the power of their mind and how best they can respond to situations. Ultimately, the lessons learned during cognitive retraining can be used to help individuals proceed in their lives without the negative backlash of unwanted thoughts and harmful habits that lead to relapses or improper responses.

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