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Cognitive Testing

Cognitive Testing will provide Sprout Health California with the information they need to come up with the best treatment options for you.

Cognitive testing evaluates the thinking patterns and reactions of an individual’s mind to situations and stimuli. This examination helps shed light on the different issues an individual faces in their daily lives and how best treatment can alleviate these problems. Many individuals suffering from mental illness and alcohol or drug addiction tend to have cognitive issues that require testing. At the end of testing, results will show how best to proceed into treatment and how best to conduct repair for cognitive improvement.

Cognitive TestingDuring testing, individuals will be evaluated upon their reaction time, speed of thought, ability to process information, and ability to think properly. This testing will ultimately show which cognitive performance areas require additional work and improvement during treatment. For proper treatment to be completed, individuals will need to cooperate for testing to be conclusive.

Some individuals may feel insecure about their ability to perform well during cognitive testing. However, it is important to remember that cognitive testing is in no way indicative of intelligence or being smart. In fact, cognitive testing is one way in which individuals can learn to improve their own thinking patterns so that others may consider them to be healthy and socially normal.

Ideally, cognitive testing is a swift process that helps individuals proceed to the treatment they need. However, some individuals may require greater amounts of cognitive testing in order to ascertain the exact treatments they will need to deal with their specific mental and emotional problems.

Cognitive testing methods are not invasive or intrusive which is why staff is on hand to ensure that individuals enjoy their time and do not feel pressured to perform well. Unlike intelligence tests, cognitive testing has no correct answer. Instead, the goal of cognitive testing is to evaluate responses to questions and situations so that cognition can be diagnosed.

During cognitive testing, it is important for individuals to answer truthfully and honestly. These answers and levels of response will allow clinicians to effectively design a treatment method that not only works but can be used by individuals once the treatment process is over. Throughout the cognitive testing process, individuals will be able to trust in the qualified staff at Sprout Health California and our mission to not only make people healthier but to give them the tools they need to take care of themselves after treatment has been completed.

Certain situations and questions prompt emotional responses from individuals. These responses are understood by staff to be natural and completely acceptable. Fortunately, even if these responses are learned habits or negative traits, proper treatment can remedy them and in time heal the individual.

For cognitive testing to be effective, individuals must be relaxed and give genuine responses during the testing procedure. Clinicians are on hand to guide individuals and ensure they don’t feel pressured or insecure about their performance.

The cognitive testing procedure should be welcomed by patients and individuals seeking treatment since it helps them learn how to properly change their thinking patterns. It does this by allowing clinicians to view how best to improve an individual’s reactions so that they can return to daily life being healthy, alert, responsive, emotionally open, and cognitively sound.

Once individuals have completed their cognitive testing, they are prepared to proceed to cognitive repair where actual health improvement may be conducted.

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