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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Our advanced pharmacogenetic testing at Sprout Health California allows for a level of treatment that is customized for each person’s unique genetic makeup.

Pharmacogenetic TestingModern medicine has advanced to the point where genetic testing and analysis can allow improved treatment. Through pharmacogenetic treatment, individuals will learn how their genetic structure can influence their treatment, medication, and how their genetic structure explains their personal history to a great extent. With this understanding, individuals will be better prepared to work with staff and clinicians to improve their health and wellbeing through the use of customized treatment, medication, and programs that all serve to address the information genetic tests reveal.

Genetic Differences

Everyone’s genetic structure is different. When individuals are genetically tested, important information about their health and body are revealed. For example, genetic testing can reveal that an individual will respond more to a certain type of medication than other medications. This can help clinicians select the right kind of medication for that individual. Likewise, certain genes can shed insight into a person’s emotional or mental health issues. Some genes are even linked to addictive tendencies and can help clinicians explain why an individual is so prone to drug, alcohol, or substance addiction. This is why pharmacogenetic testing is so important since it reveals so much information about each individual’s current situation and treatment needs.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Testing is noninvasive and harmless. Individuals simply provide a sample of their saliva in order for their genetic sequence to be analyzed and evaluated. Testing is completely safe, calm, and done in a reassuring manner that helps individuals understand that the ultimate goal is to improve their health and wellness. Testing does not involve the use of needles or the need to obtain hair, skin, or urine samples. Individuals who feel uncomfortable sharing their genetic information do not need to do so. Whether for religious reasons or other reasons, individuals need only participate in the other forms of testing so that they are able to receive the treatment they need to live a fulfilling and rewarding life post-treatment.

At Sprout Health California, the pharmacogenetic testing process is fast, efficient, calm, and easy. Clinicians will guide individuals in how to provide their sample for testing.

Pharmacogenetic Testing is Voluntary

Genetic testing is advanced and very capable of helping individuals seeking treatment at Sprout Health California. However, this form of testing is completely voluntary. Individuals who do not feel comfortable sharing their genetic information or have personal reasons for not wanting to undergo pharmacogenetic testing have nothing to worry about. Sprout Health California respects their decision and it in no way influences their ability to receive precise and quality treatment. Pharmacogenetic testing is completely optional and is not a requirement in order to become free from a lifetime of mental problems, emotional issues, or drug and alcohol dependency.

Pharmacogenetic Testing is Voluntary

At Sprout Health California, the pharmacogenetic testing process is fast, efficient, calm, and easy. Clinicians will guide individuals in how to provide their sample for testing. Once the testing has been completed, the individual will then be shared their results and how their particular results can help their treatment at Sprout Health California. This treatment information is personalized knowledge that the individual will come to see has been tailored for them based upon their genetic code and the genes that make up their body.

Patients and individuals are encouraged to take pharmacogenetic testing simply to maximize their treatment possibilities and to receive the best care possible. This advanced form of testing is state of the art and sure to provide an incredible amount of information that patients will find both interesting, revealing, and important for their health. Trust in Sprout Health California and trust in the process our patients and individuals receive in their time receiving advanced treatment and care that lets them live lives of sobriety, success, and fulfillment. Once you see the benefits of pharmacogenetic testing, you’ll be glad you opted to partake in this advanced scientific program and reap all the rewards that it offers you and your newly enhanced life after treatment.

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