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Psychiatric Evaluation

Sprout Health California always provides an accurate diagnosis for our patients.

While a medical evaluation can quickly reveal a great deal of information about an individual’s body, only a psychiatric evaluation can reveal information on an individual’s mind and mental health. Through the use of questions and responses, trained staff are able to ascertain a person’s mental health and any issues which need to be dealt with. This form of evaluation is very important for treatment purposes and requires individuals to open up to clinicians who can help them.

Psychiatric EvaluationIn addition to questions about each individual’s current mental state and past history of emotional or mental issues, observations are also conducted on each individual. This observation is not meant to be distant or treat the individual like a subject in a test but rather to learn more about each individual. For example, some individuals may dress sloppily, show signs of self harm, and appear sad or lethargic. These may be symptoms of depression and require appropriate treatment.

During a clinical interview, individuals will be conversing with trained clinicians who can evaluate their speech and wording to learn more about themselves. For example, individuals who give rude or angry responses to questions may be suffering from anger management issues. Likewise, individuals who give unreasonable answers that do not make sense to the questions asked are likely to be suffering from a mental health issue which will require its own form of treatment.

The goal of the psychiatric evaluation is to gain insight into each individual’s mental state and emotional state while not judging them or criticizing them in any way.

Mood evaluation is also an important part of the psychiatric evaluation. If certain subjects, questions, or concepts prompt a negative emotional response from an individual, then that is a clear sign that the individual requires emotional support and treatment to deal with that issue. Only by understanding how to balance emotions and get the proper emotional response will an individual learn the necessary ways they can heal and enjoy life after treatment.

Behavioral and cognitive testing will also help staff learn how best an individual can succeed during and after treatment. Some individuals may have cognitive and behavioral problems that limit their ability to respond well to situations or to complete seemingly ordinary tasks. These responses to situations will be evaluated in order to learn how they can be improved as part of comprehensive treatment efforts.

Individuals receiving a psychiatric evaluation sometimes feel uncomfortable and as if they are being judged by the other person. This treatment method is designed to be done in a relaxing and calming manner without any need to feel insulted, ashamed, or anxious. Staff is available for helping individuals cope with their psychiatric evaluation and clinicians understand that their first duty is to help people. Psychiatric evaluations may be paused so that individuals can take time to collect themselves and remain focused on completing the examination once they feel ready to proceed.

Ultimately, the psychiatric evaluation is focused on gaining information about each patient so that they can receive the perfect treatment needed to help them. Without an in depth evaluation, individuals are prone to receive the wrong treatment. Fortunately, our staff and clinicians are focused on helping others through the most exacting and precise psychiatric evaluations currently available. This allows our staff to solve the main problems facing individuals seeking treatment.

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