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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sprout Health California is committed to helping our clients comprehend and improve their behavior.

By utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sprout Health California is able to help individuals by changing their thought patterns and methods of thinking in order to improve their emotional and mental health.

Cognitive Behavioral TherapyMany of the individuals seeking help from Sprout Health California often suffer from poor mental health and cognitive issues. These problems often have developed over years of emotional distress with family, friends, loved ones, and within the workplace.

According to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, these interactions ultimately lead to the individuals developing negative opinions of themselves and their own value to others. For example, if an individual is berated and mistreated repeatedly either by family or friends and coworkers, they may begin to internalize and believe that they are worthy of mistreatment. Since interactions with loved ones and others tend to repeat on a weekly or even daily basis, this can cause individuals to come to accept that they are deserving of such negative treatment. In time, the individual may even come to expect to be mistreated by most everyone they meet. This is an example of external and repeating stimuli making a person come to accept the negative attitudes of others.

When individuals are routinely mistreated, they can develop emotional issues and also problems within the subconscious. In time, they may develop negative personality traits and habits such as being anxious, submissive, weak willed, emotionally distant, or even abusive to themselves. When left untreated, depression and suicide may result in some particularly emotionally scarred individuals. As a result, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is focused on reshaping and undoing the damage that years of negative interactions have wrought upon individuals. This process ultimately results in individuals being able to increase their own self-worth and view themselves positively by developing healthy emotional responses.

Sprout Health California is committed to using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy so that individuals suffering from substance abuse, mental health problems, and other ailments can get the help they need to be fully functional and mentally healthy.

Sprout Health California’s staff of licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapists develop unique therapeutic modalities that help individuals understand that they have a high value that is deserving of respect. Each treatment method allows individuals to experience positive emotions such as happiness and a sense of accomplishment in order to repair their poor mental health. This results in individuals gaining a positive reflection of themselves so that they can enjoy increased confidence and the benefits of a more outgoing personality. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to remove negative thoughts and in their place grow only positivity, understanding, trust, and optimism. Individuals who are successfully treated tend to develop a better understanding of their situation in life so that they can go forward with hope and positivity.

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