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Family Therapy

It is important for family members and individuals receiving treatment at Sprout Health California to understand that the healing process may be difficult but ultimately it is a worthwhile pursuit.

Family TherapyIndividuals fortunate enough to have a family understand that emotional, mental, and substance abuse problems often spill out and harm more than one person. Trust can be destroyed, memories ruined, happiness turned into sadness, and even violent altercations can all result within one family as a result of the problems one individual is facing. At Sprout Health California, we are committed to helping families heal and not just hide their problems. By bringing a family back together and rebuilding the bridges of trust and love between family members, we can help individuals move forward in their lives with the support network they need to succeed.

It is important for family members and individuals receiving treatment at Sprout Health California to understand that the healing process may be difficult but ultimately it is a worthwhile pursuit. Family members may play the role of both enabler to an individual’s problem and also a victim of the individual’s problem. Additionally, some family members may be the direct or indirect cause of an individual’s substance, emotional, and mental problems. Only by coming together as a family for treatment with qualified staff will an individual and his or her family be able to move on into the future together as a healed group.

The ultimate goal of Family Therapy is to help families improve their communication, relationships, and interactions with each other. By helping each family member trust, care, and understand each other, Family Therapy allows the entire group to heal together. Family Therapy also offers a chance for openness and honesty so that past problems can be dealt with and solved to the satisfaction of everyone in the family. This allows past transgressions to be forgiven and old wounds to be healed so that treatment doesn’t reverse itself once individuals leave Sprout Health California.

A benefit of Family Therapy is that individuals and families will be able to help support each other once treatment is completed.

Only the qualified staff and therapists at Sprout Health California can help families understand if they are in a position to move ahead following treatment or if additional treatment is required in order to prevent any relapses and problems.

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