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Group Therapy

Sprout Health California allows for individuals to customize their Group Therapy selection under the supervision of trained staff and professional advice.

Group TherapyNo one is alone in their struggle with addiction or emotional and mental health. That’s why Sprout Health California has formed Group Therapy sessions in order to help people work together and see how much they have in common with others. When individuals share their past, problems, and hopes together in a safe group setting, they not only heal themselves but help heal others as well. This method has been proven to offer support and a network of fellow participants when many individuals feel alone and isolated while undergoing treatment. Only by working with others will an individual learn that Group Therapy can not only be highly effective but also highly rewarding as well.

The goal of Group Therapy is to improve social skills, socialization, and communication between participants. The ultimate benefit of Group Therapy is that individuals will have the ability to relate to others more quickly and easily once treatment has concluded. Participants in Group Therapy tend to understand the need to both listen and speak in order to get the most out of this highly effective form of mental, emotional, and addiction treatment. Below are the various Group Therapy programs offered by Sprout Health California that have been proven to be effective in helping individuals improve themselves and their quality of life.

12-Step Programs

The success of 12-Step Programs have long been promoted and proven to be key to many addicts turning their lives around. Under this program, individuals enter into a support group that helps them complete 12 steps to recovery. This program is ideal for individuals who believe in a higher being and can commit to turning their lives over to the 12 steps required to become a recovering addict.

Recreational Groups

Outdoor games offer a chance for individuals to learn and work with others under a set of rules while having fun. Team sports and games are best for individuals seeking to improve their ability to socialize. In addition to having fun, individuals are able to cooperate with others and learn the value of communication.

Expressive Art Groups

Not all individuals are able to express themselves through words. Some only feel free and able to be themselves when using the medium of art to convey their thoughts and messages. Expressive Art Groups offer the chance to convey emotions, thoughts, ideas, and feelings in a safe and creative atmosphere. Here are just some of the Expressive Art Groups available from Sprout Health California.

  • Art therapy – Drawing and painting are accessible skills even to novice artists. By undertaking this form of therapy, individuals are able to be free on a canvas or paper and showcase their creative skills to release their emotions.
  • Music therapy – Music is the one form of art that cannot be seen but rather can only be heard. For many individuals this form of therapy helps their mood, mind, and emotions.
    Psychodrama – By acting out roles and dramatic situations, individuals gain the ability to recreate their past and act out situations from different perspectives. This is beneficial to emotionally understanding others.
  • Dance or movement therapy – Coordination is an important part of maintaining coordination between the mind and the body. When dancing and engaging in movement therapy, individuals not only have fun and stay fit but also strengthen their mind-body connection.
  • Bibliotherapy – By reading, individuals learn to expand their mind and open up a world of possibilities that can only be found inside books. Individuals can then use these new ideas and experiences to enrich their lives and take off into new areas and adventures.
  • Integrated arts therapy – Under this form of therapy, individuals combine different types of art or recreational therapy. This allows for a more comprehensive approach to treating an individual’s particular problems. For example, some individuals respond best to outdoor group activities and reading in a more relaxing setting. This can be the ideal combination for many individuals to unwind, relax, and receive the proper healing their minds and bodies need.

Sprout Health California allows for individuals to customize their Group Therapy selection under the supervision of trained staff and professional advice. This allows individuals to enjoy both a degree of freedom in selecting their activities while also combining the precision treatment methods needed to treat their particular problem effectively and efficiently.

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