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Nuero Feedback

A treatment method designed to help heal the brain.

Neurofeedback is a treatment method designed to help heal the brain. This therapy is focused on the brain’s health as opposed to the mind’s health. The difference of course is that by healing the brain the mind can in turn become healed and better able to help and individual achieve proper health. In order to best complete this process, Neurofeedback Therapy has been developed for all individuals seeking to develop their mental health and heal their brains.

Neurofeedback and the Brain

The brain is the control center of the body. Within its lobes and unique areas lie the centers of operation for the body and the mind. Certain areas of the brain control the nervous system, limbs, senses, and even thoughts. This is why brain health is so vital to proper treatment. Only by healing the brain can the mind be healed and only through neurofeedback can individuals find their way to mental health.

Nuero-feedbackThe brain works through the use of electrical signals or impulses which are sent through the nervous system and across the body. These impulses carry information to the brain and throughout the body. When your brain interprets these signals, it is able to form sensations, images, thoughts, scents, smells, and ideas inside of the mind. Ensuring that these impulses are properly functioning is the best way to ensure that the body can heal and improve the mind.

By using Neurofeedback, individuals learn how to properly improve their brain’s health so that they can heal their minds and bodies. The ultimate goal of this form of therapy is to have an improved brain.

How Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback works by presenting video images to individuals undergoing treatment. These images change or clarify depending on the emotions and thoughts of each individual. In order to make each image more clear, an individual must clear their mind and change their thought patterns. This allows the brainwaves to change the video image and improve its clarity. By learning how to do this individuals gain the power to control their thoughts by way of changing how their brain thinks and thus their own brain health.

Sprout Health California’s trained technicians and specialists work with individuals in order to help them get the proper brain patterns they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This allows them to develop proper thinking habits and being able to concentrate on their brain’s health.

Oftentimes, negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings are associated with different brain wave patterns. Likewise, positive thoughts, emotions, and feelings are associated with other brain wave patterns. By learning and seeing how these thoughts and feelings change the brain and the mind, individuals will learn that they can not only influence their own thoughts but improve them with training and routine practice.

Many individuals liken it to looking at oneself in the mirror. Making adjustments to the mirror allows an individual to change their appearance just as making adjustments to thinking patterns allows the video image and the mind of an individual to heal and develop into a healthy brain.

However, once at home following treatment, individuals will not have access to the equipment and technology available to their Neurofeedback staff. This is why it is necessary for them to learn from staff how to alter their brain waves for maximum benefit once their training has been completed. This ability to change one’s brain wave patterns and brain health not only helps regulate emotions, thoughts, and feelings, but also avoid the mistakes of the past such as relapses and emotional outbursts. Neurofeedback training is suitable for most all individuals attending Sprout Health California and seeking to improve their mental health.

Benefits of Neurofeedback

Many individuals are often nervous about such medical therapy. However, Neurofeedback is noninvasive, safe, and does not cause bodily harm or require rest and recuperation. By utilizing neurofeedback, individuals will have the ability to change their outlook in life and learn to train their brains toward healthy brain wave patterns. Only by repeating this process after treatment will individuals see the value of improving their minds and healing their brains. Fortunately, several sessions of Neurofeedback Therapy all but assure that individuals develop the necessary habits to develop proper healthy thinking that does not interfere with their lives or cause them to relapse into their previous problems. All of our staff at Sprout Health California are certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance for maximum safety and quality.

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