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At Sprout Health California, there are a number of therapies that we use to help our clients.

Any treatment that is used to treat a disease, injury, or physical disorder is known as a therapeutic treatment. Each therapy addresses a specific symptom. Quite often, using a combination of therapies can give our clients the best change for a full recover. This is our goal and what we remain committed to.

Therapeutic TreatmentOut programs center around cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The goal is to help an individual become aware of their thinking patterns and behavior. By changing how they think about problems and working towards finding solutions, the person can recover much quicker. We teach them how to think rationally, and to become much more aware of how their actions have consequences. These programs may include mindfulness therapy, brain wellness, eye movement, brief strategic family therapy (BSFT), and more. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to help our clients retrain their focus on solutions, and creating a better outcome in life. We focus on solving problems—rather than simply dwelling on them.

Family life Is Important and influential

The family can be one of the most influential forces in a person’s life. BSFT instructs families how to interact positively with each member. Families suffer along with the addicted person. There are a lot of emotions at stake, and there is often a rift between family members and the addicted person. That is understandable, because many families are at their wit’s end in dealing with substance abuse. As such, it is impossible to deal with the problems on their own. When we help families, they come to understand the causes of addiction, and how their own actions and approach to communication can help, or impede, that person’s progress. Once everyone is on the same page, the healing can begin.

Drug Rehab for Men – Drug Rehab for Women

When working with a client, we focus on the present and the future. We strongly believe that problem solving should be we, if we can find out what is not working; we can change the outcome to something that is working. We also use compliments. These are an essential part of therapy that is solution-based. We can validate a person’s struggle by acknowledging what they are doing well and encouraging them to do even better. We listen, and we care. We want our patients to know this because it is an essential component in helping them make a full recovery. Identify what is working, and then identify those elements with the client to keep on the same track of accomplishment.

Any treatment that is used to treat a disease, injury, or physical disorder is known as a therapeutic treatment.

Ongoing Monitoring

We have developed a continuum of caring that gives our clients the best chances of preparing themselves for a successful recovery, and opportunity to lead a full life without relapse. If you or a loved one is reaching out for help to overcome substance abuse, but are unsure where to turn, call the experts at Sprout Health California. We can help you prepare for a far better life.

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