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Brief Strategic Family Therapy

At Sprout Health California, we provide a number of effective intervention programs, because we know that our clients will return home.

Brief Strategic Family TherapyWhile a novel approach to therapy, brief strategic family therapy works. It is evidence-based. Its approach takes into consideration a number of things, which may include behavioral problems for adolescents, family dynamics that may be maladaptive for the patient, and chemical/substance abuse issues. This approach also places focus on finding solutions, and not just placing focus on the problems. The approach does not attempt to change the problems such as negative thinking, ill thoughts, or maladaptive thinking. Rather, it attempts to provide individuals with and their families hops that solutions are already available—they simply need to be realized.

The Family as an Influential Social System

BSFT approaches treatment based on the premise that the family is the most important element that influences development for every member of the family. This is especially so for children. Children can always be expected to develop in the larger context of family relationships, alliances, beliefs, boundaries, family attitudes, and much more.

BSFT believes that behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse, skipping school classes, and overall social conduct are traceable to events in the child’s home. When these problems can be identified, families can be strengthened and relationship can begin to flourish. However, it is important to note that many families with adolescent problems have done an excellent job of raising their children. We also take into consideration the powerful influences of the world and peer pressure in general.

Principles Brief Strategic Family Therapy – Behavioral Health Treatment

  • The family is a closed system, yet, it is still fully functional. Any problem that involves one family member, has an effect on every other family member. Behavioral problems often occur due to some type of family dynamic. Our goal is to discover what that dynamic is. Then, we can go about offering a solution.
  • A person’s behavior is dependent on the existing family structure. A person’s thoughts and behaviors are a direct result of how family members interact. When families close the door to open communications, it affects everyone. Children, and adults, feel that they cannot express themselves. On the other hand, families that are completely open may not be aware their children are developing habit with no restraints. That is the opposite, and can never be looked on as being healthy for anyone. Qualified therapists can help families make the adjustment in finding a perfect balance.
  • Solutions should be practical. Like anything in life, solutions should always make sense. SFBT does not attempt to change the problem, rather it lays a foundation for finding a solution. However, it does attempt to understand the problem at its very foundation. Otherwise, it would be impossible to focus on finding a solution. Our goal is to use a variety of methods and interventions that will meet the needs of the family and individual.

After we have diagnosed the problem, we can help with restructuring and additional intervention solutions can be developed to help transform the entire family’s reactions. We help reframe things, we work in the present, and we work to help families set boundaries.

What We Provide in Behavioral Health Services

At Sprout Health California, we provide a number of effective intervention programs, because we know that our clients will return home. We always want to make sure that families have been involved at every step along the way. This helps enforce family interactions and helps strengthen the family’s dynamics.

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