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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help people to get better—and stay better. It is an approach that is focused on providing solutions that helps patients solve problems and develop life-long learning skills. Its effective applications have been demonstrated time and again in numerous clinical trials.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBTThis type of therapy is now the favored choice of treatment for numerous mental disorders that include depression and anxiety. Treatment is based on the premise that developed responses have a great deal to do with mental illness. As such, this view closely follows Pavlovian principle of conditioned responses. Therapy is used to help an individual identify problem areas, and analyze how they respond. Behavior is well-known to result from thoughts. Change a person’s thought patterns, and you can change how they react to any given situation. This connection between cognition and behavior is what CBT is based on.

Understanding Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is often the result of real-world experiences. You might even go a step further and say that acknowledging a reality is not negative thinking. It is how a person reacts that is at risk of causing damage to that individual. From wrong thinking, individuals can develop low self-esteem and a negative image of themselves. If they have gone so far as to distort things in a negative way, overgeneralization, pessimism, over-magnification, what-if-thought patterns, reasoning based on emotions, and jumping to conclusions are likely to occur.

How CBT Works

The goal of CBT, ultimately, is to change negative behaviors and thought patterns. This can lead to a change in behavior. More and more, specialists are placing focus on the patient’s need to change their very relationship to the problem, as simply opposed to changing the thought itself. This is best accomplished by first performing a full behavioral assessment of the person. Identifying their behavior patterns can help determine if those patterns are normal, excessive, or if they produce a deficit in that person’s life. Three elements must be consider concerning behavior: its frequency, intensity, and duration.

During the therapy session, negative thoughts are identified, and the patient is encouraged to replace them with positive thoughts. The goal is to help the patient develop skills that can be applied to real-life situations. Once this can occur, the individual can their new-found cognitive abilities in almost every life situation.

CBT at Sprout Health Group

We have a firm belief that the best way to help anyone is to get to know them. As a result, we have a caring and qualified staff that can work closely with patients to help them through their paces. Realistic, and achievable, goals are set for each individual. As such, no two people will have the same challenges or exactly the same goals.

We approach behavior health disorder with long-term solutions in mind. Our patients undergo a therapeutic regime that is easy to follow. We encourage them to actively participate in our program strategies.

We have also found that relatives can be helpful in the process. In getting to know our patients, we access any and every element that may be the cause of stress in their lives. Our process also involves assessing their medical records to find out if there are any physical problems that can be addressed.

We are experts at behavioral health, and we put our experience to work for each individual.

Our Staff

We employ a qualified and caring staff. They are qualified and hold every credential or certification that qualifies them to administer assistance. This helps develop trust, and allows our therapy treatments to work much better. If you are looking behavioral health services, California offers an entire list. The key is to find the right service provider. One that has the experience and commitment to help patients from start to finish. Results are important. We have the results and patient recommendations to prove that we get things done.

Life should be lived to its fullest. However, there are a million things in everyday life that can set a person back and impede personal progress. Get the help you need with experts that you can trust. Contact Sprout Health Group, and start down the road to recovery. Call today at (866) 480-8711.

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