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EMDR Therapy

At Sprout Health California we take pride in helping you resolve traumatic life experiences.

At Spout Health California, we come across numerous cases where people have co-occurring disorders. These are generally people who have experienced something traumatic in life. Things in their life have compounded, and they have reached a stage where medical help is needed. Our therapy is designed to help those individuals with obvious issues, and any other underlying problems. One such treatment that we provide is eye movement desensitization and processing therapy (EMDR). Patients, especially with PTSD or other forms of trauma, can benefit greatly.

EMDR Therapy and What It Entails

This is a therapy model that takes into consideration there are painful life experiences that can impact a person’s life significantly. Such an impact can have a traumatic effect on a person’s ability to process information. Such experiences also have the power to lessen a persons’ ability to cope with stressful situations that might otherwise seem harmless to a normal individual. Bilateral stimulation is used in an attempt to get both hemispheres of the brain working in unison. When this occurs, a person can reprocess and work to resolve embedded memories that are painful.

Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy

  • We will first get to know our patient, and then plan to treat that person based on their readiness and our assessment of the events causing trauma in their life. These events need to be understood, and addressed.
  • In this phase, we will prepare our client for their treatments by teaching them certain techniques that will help, like breathing, art therapy, and other techniques that allow for relaxation and an open mind.
  • This is where we go deep and help you assess and reprocess the traumatic event. We work with you at your own pace. The objective is for you to identify and examine your true feelings, emotions, and/or sensations.
  • Here, we will place focus on any negative thoughts and physical sensations. Your therapist will use bilateral tactical stimulation to help produce the needed level of rapid eye movements.
  • This is the stage where we can help you replace any negative thinking and feeling with positive ones. Where there are negative beliefs about yourself, our mission is to change those into positive self-beliefs. At this stage, it is also our goal to help you accept the truth about your new, positive self-affirmations.
  • In this stage we will conduct a body scan. We can get, rather creative, and use physiological methods while continuing to focus on your target memories and positive statements targeted at those memories.
  • After each session, we want to make sure there is closure. We will teach you to relax, and remain clam. You can learn to use this technique whenever there is any emotional stress that surfaces. If you need additional support, we can provide it.
  • The final phase is simply an ongoing evaluation of your progress. We very much want you to keep realizing positive results. Continual, positive results will help speed your recovery.

We have found EMDR therapy to be quite effective in helping a people gain insights about their problems. Once those insights are gained, we have watched individuals gain strength. In their minds, the “enemy” has been identified. They can start developing positive beliefs about themselves. This can help boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. This is what we are all about.

How We View EMDR

We look at EMDR as a cost-effective strategy that is also non-invasive. Our patients can arrive at a point where they are processing memories in ways that lead to peaceful resolutions. That is the goal! It can also help them get rid of negative thoughts regarding themselves. As an example, a person who was assaulted may have held the belief that it was their fault. We can help our client experience closure, which allows them to start moving forward with their life.

It works. People can move past their trauma and get on with living with the right behavioral health treatment. Contact Sprout Health California today to learn more about our behavioral health services, and how they can you or a loved one to start moving forward again. (866) 480-8711. When looking for behavioral health services in California, we are the professionals to call.

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