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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Sprout Health California is committed to helping people make that personal leap to mental success.

It only makes sense that a therapy model that helps people focus on solutions tends to be effective. While it is necessary to first define the problem, nothing gets solved if efforts are not made to find and implement solutions.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Solution Focused Brief TherapyThis is the current model used to help people with mental health problems. It is different from other models in that it calls for individuals to focus on solutions to their problems, and not just focusing on the problem itself. It essentially gives them power to overcome those problems. Therapists are tasked with helping their patient keep their mind centered on solutions. Quite often, patients find out that have a solution near at hand, but just have not been able to identify and apply things that work toward solving the problem.

How the Model Works

The therapy was developed in the 80s and is based on findings from decades of observing mental health cases. The findings suggest that even a person who is bound and determined to end their life did not live every single moment in a state of depression. If the individual can grasp this, and let out a welcomed sigh of release, the healing can begin. These moments, in anyone’s life, can be the anchor for realizing they have had moments of being effective, and that those moments can return.

In fact, every individual can be reminded there were days, weeks, or even months where they were in charge of situations, no matter how stressful or pressing. For example, even a person who thinks of suicide on a daily basis, is successful in having fought off the urge, and endured for those two years. This allows a person to form a baseline that is based on an obvious truth. Therapy allows that person on what they did to hold on to life, and the reasons why, and then the healing can begin. These are those small events in a person’s life that can lead to spectacular results.

The Future Has Not Been Written

Solution focused brief therapy is really about focusing on the future, which has not been written yet. Therapy does not always involve learning new methods either. It may simply involve teaching a person to work more effectively with methods at hand. Awareness is the key! People are inherently motivated to be better, and to accomplish more. Thus, when the right solutions and support are provided, many people find it easy to make the transition to a better life.

At Spout Health California, we have a caring and qualified staff that can help you get back on track with life.

Committed Inpatient Behavioral Health Programs

Sprout Health California is committed to helping people make that personal leap to mental success. Once a person has the resources, and understands how to use those resources, they are on the way to recovery. What they learn can be applied in life for every imaginable situation.

Here are several ways to keep a healthy outlook in life.

  • Work on overcoming any social fears. Try getting out into the crowd more and more until you find your comfort zone.
  • Ignore people who are negative and try to put you down. You have worth! Never forget it.
  • Be yourself, and try to have fun. Being yourself does not mean that you have to separate yourself from society. Rather, it is a healthy acceptance of who you are, and what you have to offer the world.
  • Find your passion in life and do what makes you happy. Again, it does not imply that you should simply disappear off the face of the world. Rather, be responsible, but focus on what makes you happy.
  • Plan on making the rest of your life an amazing, positive adventure. After all, life is an adventure worth living to its fullest.

Our behavioral health treatment is effective, and we have the results to prove it. We first begin by learning everything we can about you. This way, our programs are tailored to fit your needs. Then, we go about helping you understand how focusing on the problem, and not the solution, may be holding you back. Contact us today at (866) 480-8711, and start getting your life back on the right track.

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