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Behavioral Health Treatment Program

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Because behavioral health deals with so many aspects of the brain, many people don’t understand it. Physical health is much easier to understand, due to the easily readable absence or presence of certain symptoms. On the other hand, psychiatric and mental health conditions are quite hard to discern due to the fact symptoms can indicate many things, and conditions must be carefully assessed for three elements, behavior, cognition, and emotion.

Behavioral Health Explained

Behavior, cognition, and emotion are intertwined to create your overall behavioral health. For example, if you frequently think about someone you have lost, you will eventually feel depressed. When are thinking, this is the cognition component, and the depression is the emotional component. What you decide to do after becoming depressed is the behavioral portion of mental health. In the situation the individual may respond by drinking alcohol or simply trying to ignoring the depression. The example illuminates how behavior is a result of how an individual process the different information they receive.

Behavioral health inspects the behavior of an individual while considering the information that the brain of the individual is processing. The way the brain processes information must be inspected and sometimes reshaped in order to make sure individual’s exhibit acceptable behaviors. Behavioral health is the foundation for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and relies heavily on the evaluation of the brain, leaving it to be categorized under mental health.

Benefits of a Behavioral Health Program

All mental health patients may find benefits from experiencing behavioral health programs. Individuals who have a high likelihood of developing mental health disorders, such as those who have repeatedly experienced trauma, violence, and domestic health may also benefit from behavioral health. One key issue with mental health illnesses is the fact that the brain is distorted or cannot recognize the appropriate response to a particular problem. Thus, the individual exhibits dysfunctional behavior. In Behavioral health programs focus on these cognitions and correct the misaligned behavior.

Those who are addicted to alcohol, prescription, or illicit substances can experience a plethora of benefits from attending a behavioral health program. Addicts exhibit similar symptoms as those of the mentally ill individuals, including erroneous reasoning. This faulty logic leads individuals addicted to these substances to repeatedly and continually abuse the substances. In their situations, behavioral health programs teach the limitation of exposure to such substances, and the programs focus on increasing logical thought, and creating an understanding of their addiction.

Because Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)is the foundation for all behavioral health programs, it works especially well on individuals who suffer from dual diagnosis or co-occurring illnesses. It helps to properly address all issues that are complicating each other.

Sprouts Health California’s Behavioral Health Program

Behavioral Health Program 2Before being treated all patients undergo a comprehensive assessments of their status, in order to understand their situations, and unveil any underlying causes. The evaluations are used to help determine a starting point for treatment, the type of treatment administered, the severity of conditions, and the need for medications.

One type of evaluation used is a biopsychosocial examination, which helps determine much of the baseline information regarding the individual’s mental, social, and physical health that led to the admission. In the case of all behavioral health problems, a psychiatric evaluation is also performed. Usually it is prompted by finding indications of mental illness in the individual’s health history. Finally a physical evaluation is performed to evaluate and lacerations or bruises that need to be treated as well.

The findings in the assessment will form the basis for the implementation of the individual’s care plan. The modalities and therapeutic methods will be determined by the evaluations, as well as, the length of care. After determining the Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (CBT) that will be used, experiential therapies with be coupled with them, to increase the patient’s chance for treatment. These therapies are aimed at training the mind, creating peace, and giving structure and direction that the individuals can follow well after completing therapy. Group therapy sessions are also used to give individuals the opportunity to share with others, learn from each other, and build a reliable support network. As we know every individual is different, thus, we make sure to give every individual a customized that will work the best for them. We also dedicate a great deal of time to monitoring and reassessing each individual’s progress.

At Sprout Health California, we care, and we are dedicated to each individual. We believe in treatment, and we do all that we can to give patients the best opportunities for continued success outside of our treatment programs.

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