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Elderly Treatment

At Sprout Health California, we offer elderly citizens clean, safe and supportive facilities where they can get the treatment needed to find sobriety.

Elderly TreatmentMuch of the talk mentioned about drug treatment centers around adolescents, young adults, people on the move, and the night club crowds. What is not discussed are the millions of adults and elderly who have become entangled in a world of substance abuse. When an elderly person becomes an addict, they may have additional obstacles to overcome due to their age, and mental or physical condition. At Sprout Health California, we offer elderly citizens clean, safe and supportive facilities where they can get the treatment needed to find sobriety. Our goal is to help them break free of chemical or alcohol dependency so they can truly enjoy their retirement years.

What to Expect at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

At Sprout Health, we have a lot to offer by way of drug rehabilitation. We know the challenges that seniors and the elderly face. Addiction can start with casual drinking, loneliness, painkillers, or simply a desire to find a way to cope with everyday life stresses. Our facilities are designed for your comfort, and they are staffed with professionals that you can easily relate to. In fact, we can even boast that your comfort is at the top of our list. Whatever equipment or programs you find we have placed them there for a reason. We are experts at providing drug treatment for the elderly.

Factors That Can Cause Addiction for the Elderly

You see, we have worked with a complete variety of clients just like you. Some are dealing with the death of a friend, family member, pet, or loved one. Some have fallen on hard times due to financial changes in their life. Survivor’s guilt, misunderstood by many, is an all too familiar feeing for many elderly people. This guilt can lead to depression, and people will do anything to escape depression and loneliness. Many elderly people feel as if they are left alone. They feel as if they are no longer needed. This leads to depression and a sense of low self-esteem for many. In addition, most seniors and elderly are constantly faced with knowing that friends and family members are disappearing.

Many seniors begin to lose self-confidence as they age because their motor skills diminish too. The simple act of reaching down and picking something up can take on a whole new meaning. Perhaps they can no longer cook, clean, or care for themselves as they once did. Or, they accidentally take too much of their medications. Everything compounds for seniors. For their pain, they are prescribed medications. If not careful, their usage can spiral out of control. Or consider that their memories may be fading. How much of medication did they take? Whatever the reason they need our help, we have the programs and dedicated staff that will see you through to the other end.

First Step in the Treatment Process

The first step we recommend is to call us and set an appointment that allows us to gather all the facts about your condition. Then, if the decision is made to use our services, we can bring you in for detox. Our assessment helps us determine the extent of your addiction. We can conduct mental and psychiatric evaluations, lab diagnostic tests, and more. All these elements will help us move to the next phase of your diagnosis.

Our treatment plans are individualized, so we can monitor your detox and adjust your plan as needed. Our entire goal is to help you get back in society and live life accordingly so you will not have to relapse back into old feelings and habits. If you are a family member, and you know of an elderly person in need of drug rehab, give us a call. Or, call direct for yourself. We have the rehab solutions that can help you get back to normal. Ask us how we approach holistic drug addiction treatment.

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